Sunday, October 26, 2008


Traveling up and down the Norwegian coast means crossing over bridges, through tunnels and ferries. Tunnels running 300 meters under the water. Suspension bridges with wind balloons, clearly indicating the danger of being blown at the sea. ..
It takes 12 hours driving up to our daughter.Stop at art galleries not included. Ruby? Watch the flagpole.
Self portraits by recently passed Eikaas. "I have won over the negative. That is well done," he states down right in the picture. .
The roads are curvy and narrow. The truckers are a menace to all roadfarers.This one, carrying high explosive liquid gas, here threatens three other vehicles, to make a bypass on the slippery road.Not good for fringed nerves.
We made a stop in the town where my Dad went to gymnasium. Mark the cock at the top of the church tower. It's said to symbolize the incident in Gethsemane; Peter's denial. The black Uno belonged to my beloved Dad. Gunnar spent some months restoring it.Here it's to be deliverd to our daughter.
Serina preparing to conquer the town from the room of "our" ruby room at the beach hotel.
I do not ask more of Heaven than staying in a place like this.
Driving southwards in my Mom's footpaths.

Ruby red traal boats. Here's the place to buy freshly boiled shrimps to color a gray Sunday morning,--red.


FAR in the mellow western sky,
Above the restless harbor bar,
A beacon on the coast of night,
Shines out a calm, white evening star;
But your deep eyes, my 'longshore lass,
Are brighter, clearer far.

The glory of the sunset past
Still gleams upon the water there,
But all its splendor cannot match
The wind-blown brightness of your hair;
Not any sea-maid's floating locks
Of gold are half so fair.

The waves are whispering to the sands
With murmurs as of elfin glee;
But your low laughter, 'longshore lass,
Is like a sea-harp's melody,
And the vibrant tones of your tender voice
L. M. Montgomery
Originated by MaryT, check hers for today.


Amrita said...

lovely picures of your trip.

Its good Serina has her Grandpa 's car , its so dear to your family.

Norway is such a beautiful country

maryt/theteach said...

Felisol, this is a marvelous post! From the little bit of RED on the lamppost to the beautiful RED flowers. Thank you for taking me along on your wonderful trip! Happy Ruby Tuesday! :) I agree with amrita: "Norway is beautiful."

Anonymous said...

What a nice selection!

EG CameraGirl said...

What a scary but beautiful trip. I wish truckers would drive more carefully! But the views are gorgeous. Thanks for taking us along!

Anonymous said...

This a really a wonderful travel with remarkable reds.

Anonymous said...

Hi Felisol,
Thanks for taking us along on this journey with you. I love the red roof of the church and how interesting that there is a Cock on the top of the tower to symbolize Peter's denial of Christ.
The photo on my blog is a cookie made to look like a turkey. The feathers are candy corn. A candy sold here in the U.S. in abundance around our Autumn celebrations of Thanksgiving and Halloween.

~Just Me Miranda~ said...

I love these shots, isn't it amazing? I find I drive and see red everywhere.

Anonymous said...

WOW! those are really stunning shots! I love the first shot the most and the building too:)

Ralph said...

The church is absolutely stunning - simple of line, and plain. But the structure is simplicity, the mark of your faith...a simple faith is all you need. The reference to Peter on the weather vane is great.

The coast of Norway is beautiful. And the view from your hotel is special. Wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Very great set of pictures! I love it all!

My entries are here and here. Hope you can pass by, too!

Mrs. Mac said...

I love this post, Felisol. What a great narrative too.

Robin said...

I used to have a black Uno just like that one. It served me well.

Thank you for sharing a peek into your country. I visited Norway many years ago and was captivated by its beauty and its people.

Gattina said...

These are very beautiful pictures ! I have never been in Scandinavian countries, not even in northern Germany, lol ! As I am married to an Italian we always went to the South !

Terry said...

Dear Felisol
It is a good thing that I stayed in bed all day yesterday!
I was so rested that it was no problem at all taking this trip with you.
Oh, and it is all so exciting!
So much red in little parts and bigs!
That bridge is just stunning and I love how its reflection is on the road. I love reflections!
Now you know that I am afraid of the sea but now the truth comes out that you are afraid of big trucks!
This truck is my favourite picture[next to the picture of the beautiful princess in the ruby room!]
Just look at the solid shiny chrome of the tank! Oh almost as much as I love red bricks do I love chrome!

Have a good day Felisol. I am not too tired from this trip with you guys that I think that I will take that Ruby Mama of mine out for breakfast after I take her for her blood tests!!...Love Terry

PS I love the picture of the church too Felisol, and where did you ever find that lovely poem by my favourite author Lucy Maud Montgomery?

Pia K said...

Lovely pictures and a nice read, the top photo is a stunner! The church is adorable, and the red bushes and...:) Once upon a time we did drive a lot in Norway (to and from catshows mainly) and the roads sure were narrow and it took forever to get anywhere. But also very scenic of course.

Dianne said...

felisol this entire post is stunning! a work of art

I love the bridge and the church most of all

Leora said...

Amazing photos here. Love the top one especially, with the little flag and stormy sky. The church photo is quite well-done, too. Then the red blooms with the stormy skies...

Heidi Jo the Artist said...

Amazing post! Happy Ruby Tuesday!

Heidi Jo the Artist

Anonymous said...

Excellent Ruby Tuesday post, Felisol. Looks like a wonderful place to visit -- although the trip on the road with those big trucks might not be so much fun. Happy Ruby Tuesday.

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
I am happy too about Gunar being able to restore my Dad's -86 Fiat Uno and also getting it EU certificated. Sitting in that car, smelling (good) of my Dad, looking at all his small adjustment through the years, it's like having him by my side.
That is also the way Serina and Gunnar feels.
God is good to allow Gunnar fulfill the work.

Dear teach Mary,
thank you for using your valuable time on visiting.
It's highly appreciated.
And, yes, Norway is beautiful, but cold.

Hi, Ilandavita.
thanks for nice comment.

Hi, eg tour guide,
I agree, the trip along the coast is a bit scary. Truckers seem to think they own the road. Not long ago three families lost some of their members, thanks to a driver shooting amphetamine some minutes before. He himself came out of the tragedy with no injuries whatsoever. Could not remember anything from the accident, he claimed.
One don't want to mess with his kind. Better give way and hope for the best.

Hi, Hildegarde,
thanks for nice comment.

Hi, Ellen B,
the cock on the tower is also supposed to show which way the wind blows. Essential knowledge to us living by the sea.

Amazing how that cookie looked like meat. I think I'd be in for a huge surprise if I took a bit.
Like when you think you are going to drink a glass of water and instead gets cold coffee in you mouth.
Just two days again till thanksgiving. My friends tell me that the kids have taken up the trick or treat thing here too. Better go get some candies.

Hi just me,
I too think the Ruby Tuesday has made an impact on me. Just today I saw snow and red cowberries together. I stopped the hiking group to get a picture, maybe for next Tuesday. See you around then.

Hi Yen,
Glad you like the first shot, that's my favorite too. Amazing what a glimpse of sun does both to a picture and to my soul.

Dear Ralph,
Glad you like the church. It's a rather new wooden building from 1849, but there's been an older church on the same site earlier.
Usually the churches were built over ancient Nordic hooves, to prevent the followers of Odin to go to their old sites of worship.
The specific Eid church is situated midst among to big grave sites from the iron age.(From 3000 to 500 B.C.)

Hi, shutterhappyjen
Glad you liked my pictures.

Dear Mrs. Mac,
Always happy to be traveling around with you.
I am so looking forwards to the next surprise.

Dear Robin,
Good to find a Uno friend. They were ahead of their time. My Dad used to race a bit in his. (for fun that is)
Glad to hear you liked your stay in Norway. I am ashamed to say I have not yet been to the top of our country. It is so long that if you could turn it upside down you would land in Italy.

Dear Gattina,
I fully understand you. I have not by far had enough of Italy.
I've been to Garda and to towns around the lake, Parma, Roncole Verdi, where Verdi was born and Guareschi is buried, Verona and hear Nabucco in Arena, Venice, yes also in a gondola, Rome for a week, not nearly enough, Florence and Pisa, also 10 days, too short time again. Drove around on the autostrada in a rented car, an adventure in itself.
I'm sure I have forgotten something, like the Plain of Po, the Tuscany. All too beautiful.
Oh, Gattina, I envy you, not your husband,( wouldn't trade Gunnar for anyone.) but that he's born in Garda.

From Felisol

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
So sad to learn that you had to keep bed all day.
Hope you are feeling better now.

Oh, Terry, I am not only afraid of big moody truckers, I am also scared of mice. I fear there is one under our sink. I was sloppy letting the terrace door open for some hours while working in the garden. Gunnar has bought traps and poison and duck taped the cupboard door,and I still am not satisfied.
A terrible wife, that's what I am. Glad Gunnar loves me anyhow.

The poem of L. M. Montgomery I stumbled over at the internet. Little did I know she was a favorite of yours. Still, I am not surprised. We are not that different.
When I am done answering RT post, I might just e-mail you the link. If I can find it.
There were lots of Montgomery lyrics on that site.

Dear Pia K,nice learning you have been in Norway. Did you have a special cat for the catshows? I've been to a couple of exhibitions here in our little town, just to look. Fascinating. Lot of work for the cat moms and dads though.

I have never been to Sweden, even though my granddad came to Norway from near Örebro in 1906.
My parents used to go there near Hjälmaren. I've seen lots of nice photos from there.

Maybe someday we'll drive over.There's a time for everything, they say.

Hi Dianne,
So happy hearing from you. Glad you liked it here.

Hi Leora,
as you see there's a lot of weather in Norway, mostly storm & rain at this time of the year.
That's why one has to buy thick, waterproof clothing. "There is no bad weather, only poor clothing, the saying goes here.
See you later, I hope.

Hi Heidi,
thanks for dropping by.

Dear Bobbie from Hawaii.
I think we live under quite opposite climates. I guess there are pros and cons everywhere.
Just now I wouldn't mind trade places.

From Felisol

Renae said...

Twelve hours . . . that's a long way. Beautiful pictures. My little Foster (age 6) looked at the pictures with me, and was quite impressed with the boat picture.

Hugs to you, my friend.

Jim said...

Hi Felisol, this is a wonderful RED journey. I know Felisol will appreciate having that car.

I don't have red today, I am in Guatemala and the Internet is too slow and unreliable here in the hotel to attempt a post.

Constance said...

Good Morning!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such lovely comments! I enjoyed the pictures of your travels and I'm sure when the scarf reaches you, we'll be in for a treat to see where you take it!

I love to travel and it's fun seeing different parts of the world. My mother is from Germany so I have been fortunate enough to go there but that's all I have seen of Europe. So many destinations so little time and money!

Halloween is indeed this Friday but having our grand-daughter this past weekend we celebrated early. It's becoming a yearly tradition to go to the Pumpkin Patch with me and do the Halloween cookies. She loves it and so do I!

Thank you for the compliments to my blog header. A nice blogger lady helped to design it for me! We vacation in our National Parks all the time and my husband and I LOVE to hike.

The first photo is of me hiking the "Highline Trail" with Heaven's Peak in the background. This was taken up at Glacier National Park in Montana. The middle picture is me hiking the "Park Avenue Trail" in Arches National Park in Utah. (They filmed parts of the 3rd "Indiana Jones" movie there!)The photo on the right is of me after hiking "Sentinel Dome" in Yosemite National Park in California.

The best way to see the grandeur of God's magnificent creation, in my opinion, is with a daypack and a good pair of hiking boots. If all things are created for His pleasure (and they are!) I feel like I'm sharing something special with Him because the outdoors brings me such pleasure as well!

Have a lovely week!
Denton, Texas

Anonymous said...

superbe serie de photos Ruby

Saija said...

i think norway should hire you to do their tourism stories ... you always show your country in such a loving way!

blessings on you!

Debbie Petras said...

I love the pictures you posted; especially the beautiful church! I've been to Norway once and we drove north of Trondheim to where my father's family comes from. It was simply gorgeous country!

Jim said...

Hi Felisol, I sure do like that red roof!
Thank you for the nice comment and BDay wish on Terry's blog. I am back from Guatemala and am in the process of catching up with my blogging. I have 40 unanswered comments on the blogs. (I will probably skip the 16 on my WW and Skywatch posts.)
I did post a comment on Terry's birthday blog, thank you again.

Gunnar did a good job in the restoration of the Uno. I did not know what one was as I hadn't heard of it except from you in an earlier blog.
This site told me it was a Fiat no longer manuafactured.
I was familiar with the Russian Yugo, they didn't go for long.

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful post you have, all your photos are beautiful, happy remembrance day...