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Originated by MaryT, check hers for today.

The Deep Valley is where most of the inhabitants of Haugesund like to go for a walk, a hike, a bath, to pick mushrooms, watch birds or just sit on a beach to relax. The wilderness with a touch of park.

Young parents will bring their children, it's also made available for wheelchairs. New this year is the ramp leading straight into the water..

Tuesdays, that's when the gang of hikers set out to explore islands, mountains peaks, forests, historical sites,beaches,- you name it, we've done it.
Due to my many broken, unhealed bones, we cannot go far or fast. We are all ladies around our best sixties, and therefor carry some luggage from a rich, but turbulent, in the best meaning of the word, life.
Stroke, artificial hip, cancer, hmm, that's just one of us.
We share laughter and tears, defeats and sieges.
You can spot the ruby drops in the sunlight??
We sing while we walk, we stop bend down to fetch stones, cones, driftwood, berries, seashells, moss, flowers to bring home like curious and overwhelmed kids.

"You are my favorite break pad,"Tilly smiled the other day. "You make us stop and wonder."
These are pictures from last Tuesday's hike.
Elbjoerg reading about ants. How they always build their tuft towards the south, and like the bear go to sleep in the winter.
Liv talking foliage, while the only surviving plants from the age of the dinosaurs, the ferns, still are green.

We ended up at Tilly's for cocoa and sandwiches.
Liv and Elbjoerg stretched out at the children's playground while Tilly prepared the meal.
Even the swing had red strings. Who cares if the sky is gray as long as children's toys color our day?
Relaxing outside Tilly's entrance door. Ruby once more!
Before we left Tilly brought us all a gift; striped socks.
"Some are known as the ladies who always walk to Crooked Lake. I thought we might be known as the Ladys with the socks," she laughed.
A splendid idea.


Terry said...

Good Morning Felisol...Bernie just left for work and I am up early
Such a nice "people" Ruby Tuesday.
Love Terry

Mrs. Mac said...

Your now the 'Sisterhood Of The Striped Socks' ... what a lovely hike and such ruby hued pictures. Do you hike every week?

Amrita said...

Really enjoyed reading about the Lovely Ladies Walking Club. You have such fun - I just envy you LOL!

About 7 ytears ago i used to go walking some mornings and most evening with my American friend from South Carolina, her name was also Elsie. She was a Christian but her husband was not and he was divorcing her. She was going through a lot of pain. Had terrible mood swings etc. i tried to help her as much as i could by befriending her.She had come to India as a short term mission volunteer and was a guest of our church friends. Now i have lost touch with Elsie.

So we used to go walking and sometimes when she was hungry she bought a big ice-cream and we used to share it.Those were good times, although Elsie was quite unpredictable because of her depression.

Felisol said...

Hello Terry,
Aren't you a devoted wife, up before the early birds to see your husband off.
Hope you went to bed again for a morning nap..
Yes my Tuesday hiker Rubies are real diamonds.

Hi, Mrs. Mac,
Yes, we go for various hikes every Tuesday. Have done so for nine years. It's an adventure in itself.
Of course there's no pressure to actually go every Tuesday, some of us, among them me, simply are not able to make it now and then.
But even if only two show up, the hikes go and go and go and go.
We have plans for many years to come. There are so many different places to explore.

Dear Amrita,
we indeed have much fun, and because we know of tears too, the laughter is double appreciated.

I feel sorry for your friend with almost the same name as me (Elise). If she was a bipolar, that's a tough way to live. Luckily there are medicines now a days, helping.
Good that you were there for her.
Mother Theresa once said, the real poor people were living in the western world. Lack of human contact is the true poverty.
God bless you for being such a true friend both to your Indian friends and the ones you meet on the internet.

From Felisol

Anonymous said...

Nice and cheerful shots.

Jim said...

Hi Felisol, Happy Ruby (Red) Tuesday on Monday. [I have a RRtU post up also.]
I like your walking pictures, do you drive some place and then go walking?
How far do you walk?

Ralph said...

Lots of red in beautiful Norway. I like the ruby from the sun - I note as the natural sunlight always highlights the red in Patti's hair.

The matching socks - only among the best of friends!

Rambling Woods said...

Oh..this is such a heartwarming (and toe warming) post. I really like that part of the path is wheelchair accessible as that is what I have needed at times...

New Rambling Woods Site

~Just Me Miranda~ said...

Ohh smiles nice, a smorgasbord of Rubys!!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful hike with a wonderful group! Looks like fun Felisol!!

Dianne said...

what beautiful shots of wonderful places and lovely people

how cool that the ramp goes right into the water!!

Raven said...

What a wonderful post! Looks like you all had a wonderful time. Nice to have friends like that.

Raven said...

I enjoyed scrolling down the page and catching up on all the posts I've missed. Enjoyed them all. Love the heirlooms and... lots of great photos... some beautiful leaf shots...

Robin said...

What a lovely gift to have such beauty on your doorstep, and what a lovelier gift to have dear friends to share it with.

Risa Tzohar said...

Lovely, happy pictures!

CharmaineZoe said...

Great post, I really enjoyed seeing all the lovely photos and reading about you and your friends, sounds like you have such fun! Love the socks:-)

John Cowart said...

The socks remind me of Big Bird, the character on Seseme Street-- colorful and happy.

Again your photos reveal the beauty of your country... and its people.

Catherine said...

This Health trail course with friends sounds very nice.
I followed the Red link from one picture to an other.
Happy Ruby Tuesday, Felisol

Pia K said...

Such a lovely hike! And with friends that are still young at heart and by the looks of it rather fun and playful, that sounds really great with a weekly hike like that. And those socks are delightful:)

Anonymous said...

What a marvelous group of friends ! and you write very heartwarming.

Felisol said...

Hi, ilanadavita,
welcome to my world.

Dear Jim,
You assume perfectly right. We drive or go by boat within a radius of 120 kilometers, and spend the day exploring new paths and sites.
Equipped with sandwiches, fruit, coffee and pillows for resting. Sometimes also wood for a bonfire.
The average trip lasts from 10.30 to 14.30 European time.
We also have mad the occasional prolonged trip to London, Italy,spa resorts on the islands nearby.
You can hardly guess how imaginative five or six elderly women can be.
Walking distance? Not too far when I attend. On a good day I can make 5 kilometers when we walk the beaches. Climbing; no, I can't tell. In the Deep Valley the trails are soft and not too steep. I think I make about the same distance there. Roughly 5km.
+ - Guess we don't bother so much about distance as what we see and
sometimes also how to find a usable path way home!

Dear Ralph,
as you've noticed; in the autumn there's a lot of ruby in the low sunlight.
I also appreciate that.

This next month the sun will gradually be sinking lower till we have only a few (five, I guess) hours of bright daylight left. December 21th is the longest night of the year. Then we celebrate sun-turn.

Hi, Rambling woods,
I too find the paths for wheelchairs, prams and bicycles very attractive.
A few kilometers of the main path also are specially accommodated for people with no or weak sight.
The water, the birds and the clean air filtered through the needle trees are a blessing to all.
Very often I find our community spending money only on elite athletics (like the spoiled footballers).
The Deep Valley and some of our beaches are, however, very good taken care of for the common good. Kindergarten kids,scouts, handicapped of several kinds and the average hiker here find suitable challenges and relaxations for free.

Hi ~just you~
glad to hear you are familiar with the smorgasbords.
They are of a rich variety. So are we, I guess.

ellen b and Dianne,
I agree, the people and nature are special.

Hi Raven,
yes, i am blessed. Good friends make me feel richer than any millionaire. They are not so vulnerable to stock fluctuation either.

Hello Robin and Risa,
agree, good friends and challenging variation of scenery from sea to mountains sure are a blessing.

nice meeting you,
glad you enjoyed, even the socks!

Dear John C,
as you see, we like to do much from little.
The good company is making all the difference.

Dear Cathrine and Pia K,
glad you found the hardly visible red link.
I think being young at heart means a lot. By that I don't mean in or up to date, but curious, wondering while wandering, open to the beauty straight ahead.

From Felisol

Leora said...

Looks like a wonderful hike. Love the ladies with the socks. And your photo of the woods is striking.

Patti said...

You ladies must have a lot of fun on those hikes. Cocoa and sandwiches are a perfect ending to the afternoon.

Love those colorful socks!

Ralph could use that ramp to go next to the water. We'll have to come vist your beautiful country. (I wish)

Great post! Happy Ruby Tuesday.

maryt/theteach said...

How about "Ladies of the Stockinged Leg." Felisol, you've shared great photos! Thank you and happy Ruby Tuesday! :)

Constance said...

One of God's best ideas was friends! Your group of ladies sound like they know how to enjoy life! My husband and I are hikers and we have a true appreciation of God's creation!

Thank you for praying for our "Gum Drop", she is on the mend and back home from the hospital!

Next time you and your striped sock lady friends go on a hike, tell them a kindred spirit says hello!