Monday, November 24, 2008


Originated by MaryT, check hers for today.

November has been full of ruby joys. Second Sunday of the eleventh month is Father's day in Norway.
Gunnar here celebrating with Italian rosé wine and a chocolate heart.

Darling daughter Serina also came to salute her dad.
November 16th Gunnar's MG TF had a jubilee
55 years ago it was born in the Morris Garage, Abingdon, England, just to be shipped over the Atlantic to a buyer in Vancouver, Canada. Gunnar is her third owner. She has stayed wit him for 37 golden years.

Serina caught that jubilee too. Stunning us all with her new reddish hairdo.

Father and daughter making some of their special monkey business show. Ruby in the back.
This week we went to Sauda to see my mom. On the café was this rose painted cupboard. See Mrs. Mac, traditional painting originating from the baroque acanthus ranks.
New American fire post. Why? The three main streets in my hometown are getting warmed up by water used to cool down the factory's melting pots.

The tea-room still is the meeting place for young and old. The quality of the home made confectionery, cookies and cream cakes is sublime.

Hubby G enjoying sandwiches in what was my first place of work. At 16 I had a summer job here.
In the evening we put a wreathe made of 4 different needle trees, conifers and died ruby heather on my father's grave. The writing on the stone; "Fulfilled the race, kept the faith."
Back to town; diamonds and rust. A small path down to the fjord from the waterfall.
Icicles and more rust.
Guess one has to have lived among the mountains above the fjord to fully appreciate the relatively new built tunnels. Puh, no fun to zig zag on the slippery road outside the tunnel.. I have finished my share of doing so.


Rambling Woods said...

This is such a wonderful post that shows the time you took to make it...Lovely..

New Rambling Woods Site

Anonymous said...

What a great Ruby Post! Just lovely...

Anonymous said...

What a great Ruby Post! Just lovely...

~Just Me Miranda~ said...

What a lovely smorgasbord of Rubys.

Ralph said...

Gunnar, like other dads, needs not just one day to honor fathers...not with a loving daughter! And you still honor your father, and not just for one day. Yet it is nice for a special day for him...just to celebrate!

The food looks so good, and that MG is great. A toy of sorts, perhaps?

Dora said...

Oh...In SG, our Father's day is on the 3rd Sunday of June.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful variety of reds for Ruby Tuesday! :)

Robin said...

I love your RT posts, they give such a feel for your life and your home. Not to mention they've induced an amazing and severe craving for one of those chocolate hearts!

Amrita said...

Hi Felisol, Tuesday is the day when i get to read and see so much more about your family and surroundings.I love it.

Daddy and daughter look so happy together and goodness that chocolate heart too.

Gunnar 's car is such a beauty. Can he show it at a vintage car show or race? My Dad also had a vintage car ... a Fiat Standard and guess what was the color ...yes red. i have a photo I will search forit.We used to call it Red Riding Hood.

The painted cupboard is out of a fairy tale book for me.

The words on your father 's grave are a wonderful testimony of the life he lived.

Pray your Mom is doing well and Serina is fit and fighting.Her photo is very stylish as we would say in India.

Ivanhoe said...

Wow! Nice update on your November. I like your daughter's new hairdo :o)

Anonymous said...

WOW! Those are great red photos! Love the last one:)


Pia K said...

I love those old fashioned sportcars, my partner was about to get a MG some years ago but he got another style instead, even if it's nice too it sure isn't as cute as this one.

That tearoom with it's adorable cupboard sounds awesome:)

Your daughter's new haircut looks great.

Thanks for the sharing, it's really fun to see what a lot of different kinds of red there's around. Have a good RT!

Dianne said...

this is a stunning post

you have shared so much!! and so beautifully

Felisol said...

Hi, Rambling Woods,
You sure know about posts taking time.
I still am overwhelmed by your gander/duck post!

Thank you, Ellen B and a happy Ruby Tuesday.

Hi, JM Miranda,
Always nice feeding...

Dear Ralph,
good fathers are kind of hard to come by. I have been blessed, having been my father's girl for all these years.
Be sure I chose the father of my child with care!
The MG is sure not a toy. It's my hubby's second wife.
Or maybe first. They have been an item for longer than the pair of us.

Hi, Dora,
nice meeting you again.
I guess the essential is not when we celebrate, but how we express our affection.
Sure we all do our best.

tricky name to spell, but what a lovely blog you have got.

Dear Robyn,
I sure hope you have got chocolate hearts by now.
Isn't that a thing with the Ruby Tuesday; makes one hungry?

Dear Amrita,
I am so looking forwards to seing your dad's red Fiat.
Gunnar too fell for that. His father too had a Fiat back in the early sixties.

Gunnar and Serina's affection for each other only grows stronger through the years.
They so fully understands the unsaid, whilst I to times am to talkative.

My Mom is doing just fine with lots of activities to fill her life. She calls it grace-time.

Dear Ivanhoe,
(silly me thought Ivanhoe was a Scottish man's name)
Serina is very happy about her new hairdo.
Never had short hair before.

Hi, Yen,
I too love icicle and rust!

Dear Pia K,
I guess the MG was Gunnar's first real love. He waited two years to get her, while he befriended the English/Norwegian couple who had had their honeymoon in Canada in that very car.
Good luck they were willing to part with her in the end and that Gunnar's Dad provided the money.
It still is a car to relax and enjoy life in.
I think that relationship is forever.

Hi Dianne
Thanks for coming by. I guess we both like sharing.

From Felisol

EG CameraGirl said...

You found lots of red this week, Felisol.

You must be very happy that your husband and daughter get along so well. You look like a very happy family.

Felisol said...

Dear EG,
Yes, I am happy and grateful.
My thanksgiving.
From Felisol

Jim said...

Hi Felisol, you have a very pretty group of red today. Of course Serina with her new hair color is the best, I like old MG's, and the rest is up for grabs with me.

I sure do like Europe's many tunnels. So far Italy gets my vote. Mrs. Jim won a bottle of wine once for the best guess of how many our bus (way back, lately we have been driving) passed through.

Felisol said...

Dear Jim,
i appreciate your ranking list.
I am likewise grateful for tunnels, even though the sign says 1 kilometers of ice swellings on the outside.
I think Mrs Jim has to be observant to keep up with you.
You both seem to be ahead of the situations all over the world.
From Felisol

Renae said...

Hello, Felisol! I can't believe Serina cut her hair. But it looks beautiful. Of course, she would look beautiful no matter what.

Beautiful pictures, as always. Been missing you, my friend.


Anonymous said...

Such a wonderful post of reds and happy faces of your family! Like the fire post! :D

Mine is here.

Mrs. Mac said...

I was so touched to see the beautiful photo of your dad's grave. What a symbol of love to him. You are such a diligent RT blogger. I enjoyed seeing your hubby's beloved car. Very nice.