Monday, December 29, 2008


Originated by MaryT, check hers for today.
December is not over yet. To me now is time for fun and book reading. This pic shows Dec. 22nd, Gunnar's birthday. Daughter Serina gave him an album of own production, -and Pearl.
Sister-in-law had read Jim's comment on Gunnar..old men's dream about women lining up in queue.
She went out and bought him this troll card. Cute.

Not much ruby on mother's little helper. The Santa in right hand corner is made by Serina 6, now decorating vinegar bottle.
American women all are so very clever in making cookies and cakes. These rice & chocolate cookies were my only homemade contribution this Christmas.
I am very clever buying, though.

Funny thing how life changes values. As long as I remember this ball with an angle in was the prettiest sight. It still is hanging on the tree in my birth home.
Made of plastic in 1950 it has gotten blur and worn.

Christmas Eve service in Sauda Church. Angleface striks again.
Happy prolonged Christmas and a Happy New Year to all Ruby Tuesday fans all over the globe.


Debbie Petras said...

Hi Felisol,
It sounds like you're having a good Christmas with family. Gunnar is too cute! Happy Birthday to him. I love to see your photos as it helps me to get to know you better. Thank you so much for your kind comments to me on my blog. I so appreciate you! I wish you a wonderful, happy and healthy new year.

Robin said...

It looks like you've had a wonderful holiday full of love and laughter, just as it should be.

Are your cookies made with puffed rice? They remind me of American rice krispie treats.

Mojo said...

December 22nd is my oldest son's birthday too! Hope Gunnar's was a happy one -- certainly looks like it was.

The fish in my R/T is probably native to warmer waters than you'd see in London or Bergen, so it's not surprising they didn't have them in the aquariums there. North Carolina is unique in that the colder northern currents meet the warmer currents of the Gulf Stream here, so the variety of marine life in our waters is astonishing. I like to say if it swims, you can probably find it here (though I realize that's a bit of an exaggeration).

ellen b. said...

A very merry belated Christmas to you Felisol! Happy New Year too!!
Love all the red/ruby in your post. Here's a link to the visitors bureaus for Solvang for you if you'd like...

Saija said...

i'm smiling ... you have the sweetest way of telling a story ... :o)

Terry said...

Dear Felisol,
For sure and this is indeed a light hearted, happy Ruby Tuesday post.
How can it be otherwise with those shiny red shoes dancing at the top?

I think that Serina's gift to Gunnar is a priceless treasure. When we were kids Mom Golden always preferred the presents that we made for her rather than the ones we bought for her. She still has most of those treasures hidden in the house away from prying grandchildren's hands..Ha!
I like the picture of the Princess hanging on the wall.Serina wearing the striped sweater..a ruby sweater!
You know Felisol,when I was a kid I just adored striped t-shirts even though Mom Golden and Betty thought I looked terrible in them. One evening in the dead of the night while I lay sleeping, the two of them cut up my striped t-shirts to shreds!!! NOT nice, eh? I bet they were laughing the whole while they were committing this dastardly deed!
Well, now I stick to checks, blue and white checks or red and white checks like your pot holders have.

I didn't read that comment about Gunnar over at Mr. Jim's. I will have to go and search for it.
I don't know what a queue is but I sure do think that this birthday card is cute!

Is that Princess Serina licking chocolate icing off of the mixing spoon with her ruby lips.
More than likely CHOCOLATE icing!
There was never enough lickings whenever Betty or Mom Golden baked. There used to be wild fights breaking out over those spoons!

I tried making chocolate chip cookies two weeks ago Felisol and they were NOT pretty sight!
In fact they were just a disaster!
I don't like to brag but I am an excellent cook and I don't like to run myself down but I am a rotten baker.No can do!!
For some reason those cookies turned out square instead of round and they were flatter than a pancake!
I had to make them to help out the other ladies at the church who were arranging goodie plates for the elderly people at the nursing home.
I just crossed my fingers that none of those dear souls got sick..
I love the red candles Felisol.
Rachel, Betty's daughters just adores candles. She has them all over the house and Mom Golden is forever worrying that the house will catch fire.
But Rachel is very careful with them.
Your chocolate cookies look so yummy!
And that little ruby cherubim is cute.

When we were little we would look forward to it every year when Dad Golden would hang up the Christmas bulbs that had stems filled with coloured water in them, and when the light got hot enough, little bubbles would dance up the stems. I don't know what she ever did do with those bulbs, but I would love to see them again. I guess this pretty delicate little ball you have here that is reflecting the room has withstood the passage of time because there were not nine wild kids milling about breaking stuff!! Poor Mom Golden!

Your Christmas Eve service seems so joyous!

This lovely post of yours has brought back many of my childhood memories, good and bad [i.e...the cut up shirts. Not a pretty sight!].

Happy prolonged Christmas and Happy New Years to you too Felisol from the far side of the sea!!

Ralph said...

You have a great collection of reds in this post. The trolls are fine looking and happy.

Who cares if the goodies are purchased or homemade? They are offered to family and friends out of hospitality and affection.

The ornament is traditional, and perfect always. The church service is tradition also - and the reason for Christmas celebrated. Happy holidays and new year to you, Serina and Gunnar!hesties

Anonymous said...

Christmas and Birthday celebrations together are wonderful! Especially when surrounded with family members :)

Happy 2009 in advance!! :)

Amrita said...

Lovely post Felisol, with the funnies, memories and sweet delights.

The human angels are the best.

Rice cookies, wow, they must healthy too. Must check out a recepie.

Gattina said...

Nice pictures especially the ball with the angel in it, so cute !
You know the German women are even worse for cookie baking ! they start already in October/November and during all December they all get hysterical ! there are 1000 recepes ! I thought it was only in my mother's generation like this, but apparently in mine too (I didn't know because I live in Belgium since 50 years) and even now in my son's generation they are still baking like crazy ! I have never done it. I bought the German Christmas cookies in a bakery in Germany, lol !
I wish you a very happy New Year !

Dianne said...

great photos, so much fun and warmth and color

happy prolonged holiday!

Pia K said...

Those choc-rice cookies looks delicious! And we can't all be clever bakers, clever buyers are definitely needed too:)

Love that capture of angel face in church, I can totally relate with not being to keen to end up in a photo...:)

Happy New Year!

EG CameraGirl said...

It's nice to hear you are still having fun! I agree that the holidays are not over yet. ;-)

Happy New Year 2009!

Laura said...

What a wonderful post! So lovely!!

Jada's Gigi said...

I like the fun and book reading idea! Me too! you do appear to be having a lot of fun with your holidays..and those chocolate and rice crispies look yummy!

storyteller said...

How lovely to see your festive holiday photos ... each with a touch of RED and perfect for Tuesday's post! Thanks for visiting Happily Retired Gal. I'm wishing everyone a Happy New Year at Sacred Ruminations today!
Hugs and blessings,

Deb said...

I've enjoyed your photos! - Especially "angelface"! ha!

I also have a favorite ornament which is tattered and worn and probably most would think that it should be discarded --but it holds special memories for me of Christmases past!

Happy New Year!

Raven said...

Wonderful post. Your cookies look pretty darn good to me. Happy last day of 2008, though I guess for you maybe it is already 2009 as I write this.

Trish said...

Dear Felisol...I so enjoyed your pictures. I too have ornaments that hung on my childhood tree, now faded and hazy but the memories never fade!

maryt/theteach said...

This is a wonderful Ruby Tueaday post, Felisol! Happy New Year and Happy Ruby Tuesday! :)

Oh and Happy Birthday to Gunnar! :)