Wednesday, May 27, 2009


We pray for what we WANT,
but God we ask You to give us what we NEED!


Crown of Beauty said...

How true it is, we often pray for what we want. No wonder our prayers don't often get answered, but God does know what we need.

And the prophet Isaiah says that in His wisdom, God answers even before we ask!

The photo you posted is so strikingly beautiful.

Terry said...

oh great is this?
i just came by to see you and would you believe it?
i am going to post "connie's testimony" on my blog today!
i didn't know you were going to post "constance's prayer"!
you have been encouraging people with her prayer ever since you first heard it!
i think i had better label my post, "constance's testimony" and i am going to "borrow" a sweet flower from over the philippines from a crown of beauty who lives there!
god bless you felisol and crown of terry

ps 1..connie gave me the permission to copy her testimony and i am so glad!

ps 2 and crown of beauty gave me the permission to use her doggies samantha[sammy] and patches so i mean why would she mind me picking a flower for connie,eh?

Annie Jeffries said...

That just about says it all for me, Elise. Each night I ask for a specific request. You can guess what it is. And then I acknowledge that His will is in charge and whatever He sends, that will be the right thing for that moment.

Amrita said...

true Felisol. And I say Amen to that.

God know what is best for us. Like our earthly father He will not give us a stone when we ask for bread..

THe photo is lovely

Trish said...

Perfect! The photo and prayer are simply beautiful. Thank you, Felisol!

Constance said...

Thank you sweet sister! I wish I could say that I pray for what I NEED from God MORE than what I WANT from God! Sigh...still an ongoing work in progress. I won't arrive until I am taking my dirt nap!

storyteller's other blog said...

Amen ...
Lovely delicate flower photo ;--)
Hugs and blessings,