Monday, May 25, 2009


Originated by MaryT, check hers for today. Don't forget to wish her happy birthday.

With me being the constant gardener, there's not much time for PC or photography these days.
With the help from God and Gunnar I have some nice garden pictures to serve for this Tuesday.
The tulips are already history for this year.
Some wonder they are though. Three packets of bulbs remain laying of the terrace till February had even started sprouting when they were put in earth.

The red and the lilac rhododendrons are setting our spirits on fire just now. South west of Norway is rhododendron climate. Mild winters and moist springs.
In the background the poppies are lurking while the scarlet rhododendron is whispering good night.
Some late bloomers on the terrace.
Even our Christ Thorn is full of blossoms. Never understand why we don't have the red berries in autumn.
The fur don't have much red in its flower, but is a part of the garden picture.
The Prince Apple tree is promising this year. Hope the bumblebees will soon arrive. I'd love some red apples this fall.
Yours truly admiring the blood beech south east in the garden.
Resting on a red chair under the Swede Apple tree.
God's own summer curtains are covering the windows of our living room. The clematis.

The clematis has worked its way around the corner up on the terrace.
The bell bush is also springing out these days.

I'll let Dylan and Springsteen sing to congratulate Dylan with birthday May 24th and teach Mary with hers May 25th.


Debbie Petras said...

Felisol, I love your photos of the flowers and beautiful plants this time of year. I love getting to see what spring is like in Norway. I hope you are feeling better. Been thinking of you. :)

Dora said...

Please send me some red apples. :D
Lovely flowers and they always make flower-lovers smile. :)

Leora said...

What a wonderful garden you have. Nice of Gunnar (and God) to help you with your pictures. Love the climbing clematis. Looks like gardening is quite the passion for you. The variegated yellow and red tulips are special, too. Our tulips last for only a short time this year, as a heat wave came a few days after they bloomed. Thanks for sharing!

Crown of Beauty said...

Beautiful pictures of springtime in your garden make my heart soar and leap with joy!

Here we are groaning under the intense summer heat... and our gardens if not well watered morning and evening will really wither.

I can understand how you would rather be outdoors than indoors!

And the Dylan song is just perfect. Spring makes our hearts forever young.

I know it will be forever spring in heaven!

Thank God and Gunnar for your Ruby Tuesday offering!

Jim said...

Felisol, you have some pretty flowers. Did you grow all these or are some found in other places?

Happy RT, thank you for your visit and nice comment. That rug is Adi's favorite place to sleep.

yyam said...

A garden in full bloom is so beautiful. Wish I could be there in person to enjoy the loveliness. :)

Mirage said...

Beautiful! I love the ruby red tulip. I envy how close to nature you are! -Enjoy the week!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful series; winter is definitely over.

Felisol said...

Dear Jim,
thank you for nice comments.
The flowers are all growing in our garden, plus many more.
Some I have bought, some I have been given, some was here when we bought the house long ago.

They are all a wonder of God. A sermon of his splendor and power of recreation.
From Felisol

Robin said...

Your garden is so beautiful, Gunnar's got the magic touch! I wish he were close enough to come sort out my plants, because goodness knows they need the help.

Terry said...

dear felisol.
your garden would be big competition to the palace gardens.
not only are they beautiful but each flower is loved.
it touched my heart when you mentioned about the fur.
"The fur don't have much red in its flower, but is a part of the garden"
how kind that it is considered part of the family.
Felisol? in the photo of the rhododendrons, is that a dandelion showing its furry little head in the background?...that little rascal!
i wish that pia k was still in ruby tuesday.
she would so love these flowers.
i haven't visited her in a while but i am going to go there and see her and tell her about Gunnar's stunning pictures..

and so you use gunnar's birthday song for our beloved teach,
how fitting felisol!
teach and your gunnar are each one of a kind and so is mr. dylan!

have a great ruby tuesday my bestest friend.
i have to wait till this evening to put mine terry

Amrita said...

I am just bowled over bby your fabulous pictures and garden.You must have have put in a lot of effort and hard work to creat such beauty.

Color and variety wow.

The neames of the flora are also lovely.

You are great gardeners.

EG CameraGirl said...

I LOVE all your flowers, Felisol! Nice gardens!

I have been in my gardens a lot lately too. It's difficult to be in two places at once so sometimes blogging has to wait. ;-)

Happy Ruby Tuesday!

Dianne said...

your garden is amazing
beauty and color and style and grace!
and you chose a wonderful song for the celebration

Annie Jeffries said...

I'm swooning over your garden, elise. So beyond lovely.

Raven said...

Oh, wow! What a glorious garden you have created! I want one like that... only I don't want to have to put in any effort to get it. Beautiful garden, beautiful photos.

maryt/theteach said...

Thanks Felisol for the Birthday wishes and thanks for the visit to your lovely garden! It's beautiful! :)

maryt/theteach said...

Oh and thanks for the song, Felisol! :)

maryt/theteach said...

Oh and thanks for the song, Felisol! :)

Ralph said...

What a beautiful estate! You should never apologize about your garden, it is stunning...the variety of colors leave us wanting to see each type of flowering plant. Lovely, indeed...

Eaton Bennett aka Berenice Albrecht said...

This collection of photos are a stunningly beautiful peek at your life during spring. I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing them. Your gardens are magnificent. God Bless you and your family. :)