Monday, May 11, 2009


Originated by MaryT, check hers for today.
Last weekend I attended a school jubilee. 40 years since nursery school. Gunnar as always was my companion and chauffeur. We made a trip to The Old Vicarage. Lots of interesting modern art displayed in the two old barns.
I found Gunnar on the barn-bridge totally absorbed by the view...of a rescue car!
Gunnar has taught me that photo is about curves, angles, light and if possible; action.
One unhappy spectator. How did he manage to drive the car sideways up the barn bridge?
Could the Falcon rescuer manage to tug the car around that narrow corner. Actually, I don't know. The man in orange decided he had to un-hook the truck and try once more from behind. I predicted a never ending story, only suited for enthusiasts.

I returned to the exhibition, and said hello to vehicles suitable for younger men in this farmer district.


Leora said...

I like the bottom photo, with only one red mini car and the rest in yellow.

Sounds like Gunnar can find an adventure anywhere.

"curves, angles, light, action" - I'll keep that in mind.

EG CameraGirl said...

Loots of action in this week's post, Felisol! I love the red tractor with all the green ones. ;-)

Crown of Beauty said...

What a great reunion it must have been. I'm sure you enjoyed your time away. And these pictures are, as always, special and interesting.

I like what you share about taking good pictures - light and shadows, angles, movement, curves, action.

Thank you for sharing these excellent shots.

And thank you for visiting my blog the other day. You are a blessing.

There are many things we are unable to share on a limited blog space... but I pray God is touching and keeping ayour heart every minute of the day.

Ralph said...

A tow truck is perfect in red. i don't know why, but the tow vehicle just seems right in that color. The reflective red outerware on the driver adds to the safety of the operation. Too bad about the VW, it pays to pay close attention to the road when driving...

Dora said...

I wanna ride on those small vehicles in the last pic!

Happy RT. :D

Debbie Petras said...

Very interesting photos! Your Gunnar sounds like he's lots of fun and adventure.

I also wanted to thank you for your kind comments on Heart Choices. I did make Norwegian waffles on Syytended Mai. They were so good. My dad enjoyed the post and listened to the music of your national anthem. I got a comment from a woman whose grandfather also came over from Norway and settled in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. She gave me the last name and I'm checking with my dad. I hope you had a good holiday. May the Lord bless you abundantly, friend.

eastcoastlife said...

I like the actions and the curves in your photos. :)

You could still find your nursery 40 years after leaving it. My nursery was long gone due to redevelopment. :(

Jim said...

Okay, Felisol, "curves, angles, light, action." I would need some explanation of all that, I am sure Gunnar helped you to get started with them.
So that's why your pictures are always sooooo nice! And all this time I had been thinking you had talent.
Happy RT, I tried again, come see.

Annie Jeffries said...

You sent me off to bed laughing Elise. What a fun series of pictures. The last thought is absolutely the best. Excellend for both Mellow Yellow Monday AND Ruby Tuesday.

Robin said...

Oh dear, that must be one unhappy driver. At least you and Gunnar got an interesting sight out of it.

Terry said...

dear felisol..when i saw you over at the teaches, i just knew you had a ruby post, and what a post it is!
gunnar is one good teacher, no wonder that he is serina's favourite photographer.
what kind of camera are you using now felisol?
i really like these much red and contasting colours.
bernie was all excited that i was going to ruby tuesday him this week. he shampooed the church's carpets and the shampooer was a ruby red...he said.."hey, this would be a good ruby tuesday!"
"no such luck bernardo..ha it is meme's birthday today and she comes first!"
he doesn't mind though felisol, he will just have to wait another week is all!
i am looking forward to some pictures of your 40 year reunion..i think that it is just great that you and gunnar got to go!
well, i better get a little shut eye take care and thank you for your help this terry

Auntie E said...

How cute. some driving..Humm... something to tell about alright. Love those tiny trackers. Only one red left. Happy RT

Anonymous said...

I just love the last photo.

Amrita said...

Your photos are sharp and clear. Gunnar is a good teacher. My Dad and Prem also the same. They had manual cameras and spent a long time adjusting the shots.
Digital photography is so much easier.

I like your pictures.

Gattina said...

Very nice reportage ! My goodness what a work to get the car out !
I used to wear those boots on my blog in the 70th, lol ! I wonder how I managed to walk with them !
A lot of stuff which was in fashion when I was 20 is again in fashion today. Seems that there are no more new ideas !

floreta said...

wow you make such a mundane thing look good! very vibrant colors.

storyteller said...

All are unique and interesting photos with curves, angles, light and action ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Mrs. Mac said...

I'll take that little red tractor in the last photo please! Please do post some reunion pics :) That hubby of yours is a great photo instructor. Always giving great advice ... and you are a good student. Are these digi pics or film? Hugs,

Dianne said...

your post this week sure does tell a story
each photo is great
I really enjoyed this

Felisol said...

I'm afraid Gunnar will not quite approve of me posting this pictures, telling this is what he taught me.
'Cause he was pretty shocked when I ran around the car rescuers with the Cannon G9 Powershot.
I simply could not resist.
Hubby is bedridden in a severe flue, so I have to have some fun in between the washing feeding and washing again.

He is a good and inspiring teacher though, and I a very reluctant pupil. At first I would only use my cellphone, then i stuck to the automatic Cannon, slowly I willingly try to use manual handling.

I have not yet the patience to use a tripod or a gorilla.
Maybe, someday..
From Felisol

Maria Berg said...


nice of you to stop at my blog, thank you for letting me know the name in both english and in Norwegian.
In swedish it is Granatäpple.

Action pictures but I most say I like the last photo best - only one red!

/MB, Maria Berg

prkl said...

I love the tractor shot, it's so funny. What in the world? Some sort of meet of tiny farmer wannabees, I guess. :) Happy RT!

maryt/theteach said...

Lot's of wonderful RED, Felisol! :)

Eaton Bennett aka Berenice Albrecht said...

Wonderful photos, Felisol. I like the clarity and the composition and of course all the red.
Eaton :)

Rebecca said...

red or green....those "little babes" are the best!
There is nothing like bouncing around the 'back 40' on a riding mower in a swimsuit on a hot day...oh yes, that is a delight indeed.

Constance said...

The bottom photo was great! I loved the lone red tractor amongst the others. Seems like there's symbolism there about being true to yourself and not conforming to those around us!
Romans 12:2

Saija said...

that was fun to look at ... and to read ...

you are becoming quite the wonderful photographer!