Monday, June 08, 2009


Originated by MaryT, check hers for today.

It's rhododendron time in our garden
And poppy time too.
Serina has finished her studies for this semester and is now demonstrating ball playing as well as the lilacs, bell bush and the ever growing clematis.
Close up on the bell bush.
I wrote to Saija, we are fighting the thermometer. Since it often shows 50 Fahrenheit degrees, or less, I bring an old eiderdown to keep me warm.
Gunnar has become "The apostle of high spirits" in his Tai Chi group. You can see how it works.
Serina relaxing in our hammock. "Oh, Mamma, I've got freckles!" A wonderful heritage from Gunnar's beautiful, redhaired mother.
The Italian copy of Vogue is perfect for dessert.
Guess I should have saved this for "window Pictures" Our basement window reflecting our garden.


Carletta said...

BEAUTIFUL blooms! I love that red poppy!
The shot of your daughter reading Vougue is just wonderful. I somehow feel she should be on the cover -really.
Yes, that window would have been perfect for the other meme. :)

My Ruby post is here: Carletta’s Captures.

Anonymous said...

Can I live in your basement? How much for that view! Looks like waterfalls of flowers and happyness. Those things from the sun - they are charming and so is your daughter!

Leora said...

Love the window scene. And Serina's smile is delightful. It looks like you have a wonderful garden. Enjoy it, even if it isn't as warm as you'd like.

Anonymous said...

Lovely series and the concluding shot is wonderful.

maryt/theteach said...

Oh that shot of the basement window is incredible. You could post it for Window Views, felisol! What outstanding blooms! And such a pretty daughter and handsome husband! :) Happy Ruby Tuesday! :)

Ralph said...

Lovely garden with beautiful flowers. i like the sort-of abstract view of your garden in the window. As alwas, a lovely view from a lovely family!

Kris said...


And summery! Just you wait, I've ordered some more summer-weather, so it'll come, I'm sure.

You made me long back to my grandfather's garden now. So idyllic. And Serina is pretty. Freckles are cool too. I think it's cute. I get some in the summer too. I like it.

Crown of Beauty said...

Dearest Felisol,
Again, another heart touching sharing of life in your part of Norway. It must be cold seeing how all of you are wrapped up in sweaters and eiderdowns, but the warm spirit of love and kindness shows on every photo you posted.

How joyful the season of spring is... and I share that joy as I look at the photos and stories you shared.

Blessings from beautiful Philippines,

Maria's Space said...

Wonderful batch of photos.

The garden must smell wonderful.

I agree with Carletta, the photo of your daughter with the Vogue is amazing!

Vicky said...

I love everything about this post, Thank you for sharing.

Terry said...

dear felisol,
i just love it when your family appears on ruby tuesdays.
it looks like gunnar has lost weight and as far as that princess having freckles, well you just tell her that they are marks of beauty.
how nice it is that she is home for the summer!
you guys will be doing lots of things.
and you still have your lilacs!
ours have been gone now for two weeks. i guess your cool norway spring must be keeping them around.
did that little late blooming tulip in your last ruby tuesday post bloom fully and is it still showing a brave little head?

the basement window is just lovely with all those reflections..

well i best be at making my own ruby tuesday post.
i do delcare that i am so lazy at times felisol!
take care and keep warm my bestest terry

yyam said...

Lovely flowers. Wonderful collection of "reds". Thanks for sharing!

Jim said...

Those are neat flower pictures, Felisol. Better yet are the family photos. Isn't it nice to have Serina there with you for the summer!
Happy RT, and stay warm. We are having a heat wave here, in the 90F's all week and we need rain badly.

Ivon said...

I always enjoy your posts. You seem to have a story each time. Your pictures are beautiful. Thanks for sharing

Robin said...

You have such a beautiful garden! Serina must be delighted to be done with her studies for a while, and relaxing in a hammock in your gorgeous garden seems like the perfect place to decompress after exams.

Robin said...

PS If you'd like to see more Jerusalem photos just skim through my blog entries for the past few weeks, there are quite a bunch :).

Amrita said...

I wish our summer was cooler like yours.
It would be almost like winter here.

You have a great variety of pretty flowers in your garden and the Serina is the most beautiful.

Gunnar is learning Tai Chi , that comes from China. Is it like martial arts?

May lots of pretty flowers bloom for a long time inyour garden.

Thank you once more for your counsel.It really helps to balance my thinking.

Eaton Bennett aka Berenice Albrecht said...

Dear Felisol, I love all the photos and your daughter is lovely. You must be very happy to be spending spring time with her.

I have to say my favorite photo is the one of the basement window with the garden reflection.

Eaton :)

Susan Cook said...

Lots of nice ruby shots. I love poppies. Happy RT!

Raven said...

What a magical garden you grow! And peopled with such a wonderful family. I love all the shots. The one of your daughter holding vogue is quite stunning in how the cover photo reflects her. My favorite is the window that you saved for last. Just gorgeous... like a beautiful painting.

Dianne said...

the window is beautiful!

Serina is gorgeous

and all your flowers are wonderful

a beautiful post from top to bottom

srp said...

How lovely and how wonderfully cool your garden looks. I especially love the poppy! Tell your daughter that freckles are beautiful ...

Annie Jeffries said...

such a lovely series of family pictures Fel. It's always so nice to see your day to day moments.

prkl, Finland said...

Gunnar showing how it forks is fun. My fav is the portrait of Serena, human intrest I guess. Other thing that catch my eye was name Saija, it's finnish name. Great set of photos, all sorts of red are plenty. Happy RT! :)

storyteller said...

Lovely series of photos today ... I love the window at the end too ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Mrs. Mac said...

Your beautiful Norwegian spring is in full swing. And your 'looking glass' window is much more wonderful than Alice's could have ever been. 'They're painting the roses red ... '
.. I'm late, I'm late ... for a very important date ...

Catch you later.

EG CameraGirl said...

Love your poppies!

Your daughter doesn't need to worry about freckles. She's very cute!