Friday, August 07, 2009


Matthew 18:10"See that you do not look down on one of these little ones. For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven.

I consider myself belonging to the little ones and am proud to have various friends among them as well. People being without means or weapons to speak out for or defend themselves in the everyday rat race here on earth.
How I love the fact that every human being has its own personal angel reporting in front of the Lord's face.

It means above all the safe feeling of being seen, seen and cared for.

So are the hookers on the corner, the mute and seemingly helpless stroke patients, the street rebels, the plague ridden, the retarded, the various psychic ill, the soldiers and prisoners.

We are all unique and of equal value.

On my Mezuza is written:
Psalm 91:
11 For He will give His angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.
We are surrounded by legions of angels, ordered to be there for us.
This is the Bible's happy message for today.


Jim said...

I like angel statues in flower gardens much better than having fairies there. We don't have a flower garden.
You flowers look nice and the angel seems to be right at home.
I think we all are 'children of God.' It is just that some of us return God's love and chose to be with Him.

Jada's Gigi said...

So thankful to know I ma being watched over and cared for and so are my "little ones"

Crown of Beauty said...

Dear friend,
Thank you for praying for my grandson. He is in hospital starting Saturday morning, and is recuperating.

I appreciate your friendship, I can sense it is real.

Thank you for another heart stirring post.

What is a Mezuza?


Felisol said...

Dear Lidj,
A Mezuza is a Jewish cylindrical thing containing handwritten scripts from Deuteronomy and also a blessing.
The cylinder is supposed to hang by the front door of a Jewish home.
My Mezuza is only a small tourist thing bought for my dad in Jerusalem by his brother. Not handwritten, but nevertheless verses from the bible.
I have it here in my kitchen right beside the picture of my dad.

I'm so sorry your grandson had to go to hospital.
Still praying.
This has been a day where many of my blog friends have been in need.

I will continue praying.
From Felisol

Amrita said...

This weekend I have been busy defragging and setting my computer right, finally i found time to visit.
You are absolutely correct Felisol. The Lord 's angels watch over us. And they engage in spiritual warefare on our behalf too, as it says in the Bible.
Many times I have felt their presence and protection. Unexplainable things have happened, and i know god sent His angels for help.

Your little angel among the flowers is a beautiful reminder of God 's care.

Renae said...

What a beautiful thought, Felisol! Thank you for bringing that to mind today.

Sorry I've been out of touch. Several months ago I contracted bronchitis, and have been out commission for a while. But now I am on the upswing.

I pray you are doing well, my friend.


Crown of Beauty said...

Dear Felisol,
Thanks once again for asking after Forerunner.

This morning his mother sent me a text saying that my grandson is recovering speedily. He is once again smiling, and clapping his hands, playing, and "talking". The pediatrician will release him when his appetite is fully restored. Praise God. You are so right about the angels.

And thanks for explaining to me about the Mezuza. Now I am better informed!


Annie Jeffries said...

Dear Elise,

I like to think that I have an army of angels around me. They are there for me to give to someone else. I remember meeting a woman and her little one a long time ago. The mother lived in a shelter; the little one was between 2-3. She was so sweet and as she was leaving, I moved my hand from my shoulder to hers and told her I had a special angel just waiting for a comfortable place to sit. Her shoulder was just the right place. It was truly touching see her little eyes get big as she looked at her shoulder as I promised her that the angel would always be there to protect her. I hope her life is a good one today and her mother as well.

Mrs. Mac said...

I, too, believe in guardian angels! Witnessing firsthand how Nathan went/fell out of our second story window .. landing on cement driveway .. with barely a scrape. I compare him to a cat with nine lives ... he's used up quite a few already ;)

Nice post