Monday, August 10, 2009


My favorite photo object soon is leaving for school on faraway premises. these shots are taken a blowy day at the local beach.
Now, here's a challenge.
This poem about the Finnish Roine Beach,
one of my dad's favorites probably can be translated. If you're interested; welcome.

This incomplete translation is made by google.

By Roines Strand
Zacharias Topelius

Herd graze and the clock rings,
The clock rings at Roine beach.
Swan flies with white wings,
Flying alone at the cloud periphery.
The spring winds in foliage go,
The sun is shining and the lake is blue;
But I sing my long yearning,
Roine sings alone at the beach.: |

My Father is a birch forest,
My mother is summer's cloud,
My brother is an spike in the filed,
my sister is a winter wind.
Solo, I am as heather of the heath,
Flowering sole and wilted young.
|: Sing, sing my long yearning,
Roine sings alone at the beach.: |

If the glittering sun knew,
If she knew my heart's inclination,
All of its rose guise she lost,
Would fall in the source wave,
Sink, sink in the night's bosom;
But I whisper my beloved's name,
Sing, sing my long yearning,
I'm singing lonely at Roine beach.

Klockan klingar på Roines strand.
Svanen flyger med hvita vingar,
Flyger ensam vid molnets rand.
Vårens vindar i löfven gå,
Solen skiner och sjön är blå;
|: Men jag sjunger min långa längtan,
Sjunger ensam vid Roines strand.:|

Fader min är en björk i skogen,
Moder min är sommarsky,
Broder min är ett ax i logen,
syster min är ett vinterny.
Ensam är jag som hedens ljung,
Blommar ensam och vissnar ung.
|: Sjunger, sjunger min långa längtan,
Sjunger ensam vid Roines strand.:|

Om den strålande solen visste,
Om hon visste mitt hjertas håg,
Allt sitt rosensken hon miste,
Skulle sjunka i qvällens våg,
Sjunka, sjunka i nattens famn;
Men jag hviskar min älsklings namn,
|: Sjunger, sjunger min långa längtan,
Sjunger ensam vid Roines strand.:
Zacharias Topelius|

Originated by MaryT, check hers for today.


Leora said...

Your love for your daughter comes out in how you photograph her. Beautifully. I can understand how you will miss her!

EG CameraGirl said...

Your daughter is so lovely. It's so hard when kids grow up and move away, even if only for the school year.

Debbie Petras said...

Felisol, your daughter is beautiful. I love how you captured these close ups and she looks so good. I'm sure you'll miss her when she's at school. Hugs to you.

BTW, I'm glad you liked my blog makeover. I didn't want it to be cutesy and even used those words with Edie. I think you suggested that some time ago when I mentioned I hope to make a few changes.

Hugs to you, my friend.

Anonymous said...

She is absolutely beautiful - her eyes are so deep - many guys will get lost there...

James said...

You are a really good photgrapher.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos of your daughter.

Felisol said...

Hi, James,
I've tried to make a comment on your blogg.
The Worldpress and I seem to be a constant mismatch.
Everything I write vanishes into thin air.
Almost like that fabulous, fairy-like bicyclist, transperantly emerging from nowhere imto that normal, solid NY scene.
That's what i call a creative photo.
From Felisol

Ralph said...

Such a beautiful subject, the loving view of a child, no matter what the age. At least for us, the kids are only an hour drive away. Near or far, we miss them as they are growing up into adults with values we impart. So much love we miss so much...

Carletta said...

Each time I see your beautifully captured images of your daughter I feel she would make a gorgeous model.
So lovely!
All the best to her at school.

Saija said...

she is such a beautiful woman ... i can see why you like to photograph her ... :o)

i was just catching up on your posts ... you have been busier than usual! good for you!

i love the picture you posted of yourself, a few posts down ... a woman of the sea ... it made me smile ...

and i agree with you about how getting to know bloggers has enriched my life as well ...

sending you big (hugs)

Annie Jeffries said...

It is so hard when children leave us. I am so grateful that Kris is still with us. Somehow I think that we will never be very far apart. As much as I would like to be somewhere else, where she is seems to be the heart of me.

storyteller at Sacred Ruminations said...

What lovely photos of your daughter. Parting is always a sweet sorrow ...
Hugs and blessings,

Marites said...

she really is pretty and it comes out in your captures.

Jim said...

Hi Felisol, this is a wonderful RT post. Serina is off again, huh? She has very pretty European blue eyes. We have some in our family (German) but I didn't get any for me. One kid and one grandkid have them.

It has been a nice summer for you. I hope Serina did get all your painting done. I will wish the best future for her.
Happy RT,

Miranda said...

Beautiful shot!

Amrita said...

Good morning Felisol, My morning brightened seeing Serina 's pretty face and smile.
Oooh you will miss her so much. Set up a web camera on your computers so you can do video conferencing on the Internet. That is a grat comfort.

this peom is so much like St Francis of Assisi. Brings us close to nature.

Dora said...

Nice red ruby lips. :D

Ladynred said...

Your daughter is beautiful!

Auntie E said...

Beautiful girl. the poem was nice, enjoyed reading it.Happy Ruby Tuesday

Mrs. Mac said...

How quickly the summertime passes by and our beloved daughters are off to school .. you's far away from home, mine attending a local school but growing up just as quickly. I plan to hold on tight to these fading days of girlhood and look forward to embracing the woman she's becoming. Bittersweet moments in time.


Crown of Beauty said...

I agree with the comment of Leora, your love for your daughter, how you behold her, comes out in the lovely pictures you take of her.

This saying is true of you: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

How beautiful these pictures are, and again, how appropriate the Roine Beach poem you included. I read the lines, so deep and so full of feeling!

Thank you for visiting my blog again letting me know you continue to pray for my grandson and my daughter. Now, I also ask you to pray for my son First Born, the father of Matthew (Forerunner). There is much that can't be shared openly, because his life is not my life, so I have to give due respect. But I ask you to pray as God leads you.

Thank you.

maryt/theteach said...

felisol, what a marvelous post of your favorite (and mine) subject! Come to my blog for an award from me.

Raven said...

Lovely poem and lovely photos. I agree with Leora's comment.