Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Time runs faster and faster. This week has flown like a whirlwind.Tuesday we had an appointment at our doc's.Then we went to buy two new outdoor jackets for Gunnar. A major event which happens only every fourth year. Gunnar were to visit Serina at her campus later this week, so this was force major. We are now in waiting line for swine flue vaccination. Wednesday the weather was semi nice. We dressed for cold winds, brought coffee and chocolate buns went for a walk in the forests north of the town.Here I met with this charming, bubbling brook.
Thursday I had an appointment with my physiotherapist, while Gunnar went by two planes, one jet and one small propel, to visit our daughter. I was invited home to my next oldest friend in this town, Elisabeth. We go back 29 years and have shared more than a lifetime of joy, trials and tears, death,love, in battles, sickness and health for us, our families and our beloved psychic retarded.

She is a superb chef. We wined and dined till three in the morning.
Early Friday morning Mia came to take me for a day tripper to my mother, or Monten as Mia and her four generation family calls my mum. Mia made us a huge salmon dinner with belongings. My mother had salmon for three days and enjoyed every mouthful.
Saturday I prepared Gunnar's coming home. Fresh herbs, cod, shrimps, potato and vegetables casserole with homemade bread to go.
You are right, I have avoided the bath weight like plague this week.
Sunday was time for the annual art exhibition at the island and a huge feast for Gunnar's aunt Lilly.
Aunt Lilly got a box of Norway's finest confectionery, King Haakon. Her great, great grandchild Amalie helped opening and ending the box. Oldest joke told by my father. Caller;"Do you have King Haakon in box?" Store attendant, "Yes, we do." My dad, "Then let him out!".
Monday Gunnar's brother-in-law was 70 years old.
We crashed in a nice party for eight. Saturday the huge family will celebrate.
I guess I will need some rest.
Don't fill your life with years.
Fill your years with life!
Good night.
Originated by MaryT, check hers for today.


Carletta said...

I so enjoyed reading your story. To have a good friend for all those years is remarkable. I have one of those myself I've known and loved for 42 years.
Your end quote is exactly how we should look at life.
Hope you're having a wonderful week Felisol!
Oh yes, loved your photo and the editing of it!

Hootin Anni said...

Sounds to me that you had a wonderful time. And I hope all your doctor's appointments went well. Having a friend for those number of years, and enjoying dining and wining for long hours at a time, just well......sounds like a piece of heaven.

Love the photo of the two generations....the young and the old. It says sooooo much without words!!!

Mine's posted. "I came, HE SAWED, we conquered."

Here's the permalink to Tuesday's entry.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

A few red berries,
a merrily bubbling brook—
soothing to the soul.

My Ruby Tuesday

Constance said...

It sounds as if you've been "Busier than a one-armed paper hanger!" My best friend says that a lot and we go back 24 years. I just finished making her a small scrapbook of a trip we took last summer to San Antonio for a Beth Moore Bible Conference. I will be headed her way tomorrow for this year's conference and I intend to give it to her for her birthday! Old friends are the best!

Salmon is my favorite fish! I cook it out on the grill and serve it with a Raspberry Chipotle Sauce/glaze and garnish it with fresh rosemary from my flowerbeds. Absolutely wonderful! Glad your man is home safe and sound from his trip to see Serena!

I loved the photo of the berries, so beautiful!

Amrita said...

Enjoyed reading about the good week you had. Shopping, travel, friends and nice food , even the physio seemed went well.

Your friend Elizabeth is a very pretty lady.29 years is a very long span of friendship years, you must be so close togeher.

Wow, Monten, if can also call her that must have enjoyed the salmon a lot.

Your welcome back casserole sounds delicious.

Aunt Lilly looks very hapy with her box of sweets. i really like her necklace, looks like a glass one.

Thank you for your comforting words on my blog, kept me from discouragement.

Yesterday I saw a show on Sweden and they showed an enacted Viking fight, it was very interesting.

Terry said...

oh!...just so lovely felisol!
i will be back!..taking mom golden
out for a while on this crisp autumn southern ontario morning!
love terry

Auntie E said...

Sounds like a wonderful time you had. the doctors appoint not to well but memories keep us going. And the Chocolate... well..It is the piece of heaven we need at times in our life.
H"ope you have a Ruby of a Day.

Marice said...

those are really great shots :) and it really shows that u did had a good time :)

u may view mine if u have time

maryt/theteach said...

We have the same joke in America, Felisol. "Do you have Prince Albert in a can?" (Prince Albert is smoking tobacco) Answer: "Then let him out!" Ha! Lovely RED post for Ruby Tuesday! :)

Ralph said...

Old friends are true rubies, the friendship always. To sit and reminisce and laugh at the good times. A gem of a friend and post!

EG CameraGirl said...

You sound wonderfully busy! Except for the lines for swine flu shots, which are global, I fear.

Love the photo of Gunnar's aunt and her great grandchild. They both look so happy opening the box. ;-)

Miranda said...

Love the first picture, cool idea with the red frame. Sounds like a busy but fun time. I hope Your doc appointments went well too.

Jim said...

Mary beat me to the Prince Albert in a can prank call. I was looking for it as I scrolled through the comments.
I am glad you could have fun with your friend and get to visit Mom. You did all that while Gunnar took the glory with Serina.
Finally, the red berries are brave! All alone in the cold.
Happy RT!

Annie Jeffries said...

What a wonderful week you have had filled with family, friendship and fun.

I have two friends, Toni and Barbara, that like you and Elizabeth, have shared the ups and downs, joys and heartaches, births and deaths. Each event cementing us closer in friendship and love.

Without a doubt, my favorite picture is your Aunt Lilly with her twice great grand-daughter, Amelia. Such smooth blushing features; such worn and aged signs of time's passage - two great beauties.

Debbie Petras said...

I loved your last sentence:
"Don't fill your life with years.
Fill your years with life!" How true.

How fun to spend time with a dear friend like that.

I think I've had some of those candies in the past. That sounds very familiar. My grandparents always brought back goodies on their frequent trips back home to Norway.

Much love,

Terry said...

oh felisol...aunt lilly looks so well..she is such a sweetheart, a real little punkin!
i have always loved elderly people. they were my friends when i was growing up.
and maybe that is why i started to go gray at 23 and maybe that is why i got cataracts at 29...go figure, eh? all those old people must of rubbed off on me!

those red berries are so pretty and red felisol. will the birds or the squirrels eat them?

bernie and i will probably just be getting the regular flu shot.
there are long lines in canada too and so there is just a select number of people getting the swine shot...anybody over 65, anyone under five, expectant mothers, health workers[it is the law for them to have the shot], anybody with health issues...there should be more supplies coming in december.
some people in canada are taking very bad side affects from the shot and have become deathly sick.

elizabeth is just stunning looking and very vibrant felisol..she looks like she could cheer a down person up!
you have such wonderful friends!

i hope that the therapy is helping your hand felisol. i know how painful that can be. my legs are getting sometimes so sore that i can hardly stand it and then i get real grouchy...you haven't got a grouchy bone in your body felisol.i just know it.

oh i must say again that aunt lilly is so cute..just look at the way her hair is sticking out every which way!!
her little great great grandgirl is very pretty and she should go far in life because the meaning of amalie is "hard worker"!
that is an old joke you told felisol. the golden kids used to phone many numbers asking that question and it sure got a lot of people mad!!
well good night for now felisol..i promised you i would come back and i did but how can you put up with my long windiness???
love terry

it sure would have been nice to crash that party with you and gunnar!
but even better would i love it if bernie and i could have shared that delicious feast that you prepared for your sweetheart.
i LOVE casseroles!

Crown of Beauty said...

What a delightful whirlwind story. I loved the pictures. The bubbling brook with the red, what are they, flowers or berries, on them! Such a lovely Ruby picture. And the box with King Haakon in it... must be mouth watering. I would not mind having a box of them!

Lovely, heartwarming post, dear Felisol!