Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Cousin Arne and daughter Serina in front on a hidden door outside the ancient St. Olav's Church on our neighbor island.
The church was first built by King Olav II who Christened Norway in year 1033.Later it was rebuilt by king Haakon Haakonson in year 1250.
Two friends of mine, one the minister's daughter, the other a theological student, found a secret way behind the alter of the church leading to what one believe was the King's farm close by the church.
Archeologists dug out 36 meters of the secret way in the mid eighties, and the site around the church still is an eldorado for history scientists. Old grave sites containing jewelry, swords and much more.
The place still hides more questions than answers. We always bring visitors there. It's also a wonderful church for ordinary divine services.
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christina said...

Nice photo!!

Leora said...

Ah, wouldn't it be fun to come visit and have you give me a tour! All this fascinating history.

Annie Jeffries said...

OMG, Elise. What a terrific picture. The thumbnail is so small that I thought it was a niche with two statues in it. Then, I clicked the post open and had a WOW moment. Two PEOPLE in a niche. Fantasic. Did Gunnar take the picture. I know he was flying down to visit.

Ralph said...

The stone works well in sepia, a look of the ancient past. The archway has the look of stone craftsmen of the day. Your cousin and Serina look impressed with the building, and the faith that conquered Scandinavia. The artistry of long ago is beautiful!

Kris said...

Avaldsnes rules. I haven't been there since I was a kid; I'd love to go back.

What a fabulous picture - and how great Serina looks. Fantastic.

Felisol said...

Dear Leora,
there's so many things in our small corner of the world I'd like to show you.
Be welcome.

Dear Annie,
This picture is taken by yours truly
this summer, when Serina was home for vacation.
Gunnar's pictures are far better and more cleverly angled.I usually mention if I have borrowed from him or Serina. I'm that family looser when it comes to photography.

Felisol said...

Dear Kris,
It will be an honor to guide you and have you as a guest, whenever you like.

Debbie Petras said...

I'm always fascinated by archeology. How exciting to explore this church. Your daughter is so beautiful Felisol!

Sending hugs to you across the ocean,

Anonymous said...

How incredibly interesting! They actually dug up all of that?! Beautiful sepia

Amrita said...

Serina looks so pretty in this photo. This should make a magazine cover my dear.

A trip down archeology, I love that. I am very interested in history and ancient discoveries.They have so much to tell us about of present world.

I am studying the Book of Ruth from the Old Testament. It has so much to speak about our faith.

Love your presentation here Felisol.

Terry said...

dear felisol..that girl standing at the church door is just adorable and cousin arne isn't so bad tall!
the church has so much history to it!
is there a guard around there for people who would want to rob the jewelry from the graves felisol?.
alas, it is now, i think a law in canada that a body can not even have a ring or any other jewelry on when he or she is buried.
in a way it is just as least the jewelry would be a heritage to the children remaining behind...far better than some grave robber getting his hands on it!
it is a little late but i can't sleep and so i thought i would just say hey to my bestest!
love terry

Patti said...

This lovely old stone church works well in sepia. I like how the archway frames Serina and your cousin standing there, still as statues. Great shot.

I would love to see the items, especially the jewelry. Swords, not so much. ha ha

I liked reading the history. You have given us another interesting post, Felisol. ;-)


Sherrie said...

Great shot!! Looks like their are lots of secrets to uncover while visiting there. Have a great day!


kayerj said...

the stone work looks great in sepia and I enjoyed your historical information. If you want to wander down my road I’m home.

Jada's Gigi said...

What a great story! I should love to visit that place if I ever make it to Norway. and isn't Serina beautiful!

Deb said...

Love the photo!

How exciting it would be to be able to explore and discover all those treasures left behind from years ago.

Mrs. Mac said...

Were you and the two friends the ones that discovered the doorway to the ancient ruins? We Americans have such a 'young' history it's hard to imagine places so old.