Thursday, January 14, 2010


Some days, when life feels not that great, I like to focus on the golden moments.
This is Tobias, grandchild of my old (61) years friend Mia.
He celebrated his grandmother's birthday, January 8th with 6 elderly women.

He indeed made our day.A born Charmer, that's what he is.

The angles are handed with greatest care!
Eyes of a child

(John Lodge)

Listen, hear the sound
The child awakes
Wonder all around
child awakes
Now in his life
He never must be lost
No thoughts must deceive him

IN life he must trust

With the eyes of a child
You must come out and
That your world's spinning 'round
And through life you will be
A small part of a
hope, of a love that exists
In the eyes of a child you will see

Earth falls far
New life awaits
Time, it has no day
New life awaits
Here is your dream

And now, how does it feel
No words will go with you
And now, what is real?


Debbie Petras said...

Tobias is adorable! And I have to say that the birthday cake looked so professional and delicious. Wish I could have been there too.


Crown of Beauty said...

What a charming little boy indeed.

And the poem you have chosen, how beautiful.

Together the pictures and the words of your post have made such a lovely combination.

You have once again touched my heart.

Thank you, dear Felisol.


Mrs. Mac said...

He really is a charmer ... and those big eyes :) How great that he was at the his grandmother's birthday.

I read the poem you posted with my little grandson, Jacob, in mind. He was over today and full of personality. He told his Papa to go to his room ;) I love when he says 'papa' ... his little voice is so dear.

I hope you have a few more moments with your loved ones to give you more 'golden moments' that detract from 'when life feels not that great'


John Cowart said...

What an impish grin. You can see the little wheels going around in his head.

Amrita said...

Tobias is a cherub . Such a sweet smile. The grandma 's were lucky to have his company and childhood to enjoy.

Happy birthday to Mia. The presence of a little child must have added brightness to the party as your poem also speaks of it.

Terry said...

dear felisol..what a sweet little child and what a wonderful poem. i am sure that he had a great time with you six elderly ladies!
and for sure and you made HIS day..he looks so happy..enough to make a person forget their aches and pains, eh?
this is one lovely post terry

Jada's Gigi said...

Awww too sweet. How nice that you all got to celebrate with him.

Rebecca said...

I love how his finger is so close to his nostril.....or maybe it is already inside his nostril and he is busy gold digging!!!!! So very cute

And that cake!
I want to celebrate birthdays in such style!

maryt/theteach said...

Oh, Felisol, what a darling little boy! I bet he made everyone feel great! Also what a lovely poem. I must sent it to my nephew so he can read it with his 4 year old son in mind... Thanks for your good wishes! I'm back blogging... :)

Tikno said...

This child is adorable and have the love sense.