Monday, January 11, 2010


I've had a life long relationship with the Peanuts. Amazing what Carl Schultz could communicate of familiar thoughts, situations and emotions in a just few words and simple, but thorough worked drawings.
Ever visited Crete. One of it's many treasures from the antique is The Phaistos Disc (double click to read more. Many have tried to decipher it's text. Amongst the more famous is a professor from my birth village by the name of Kjell Aarthun. We bought this replica on Crete ten years ago and placed it in our library.

Here we go! It's Ruby Tuesday again!


Annie Jeffries said...

This is so cute, Elise. Don and I had the pleasure of actually visiting the Schultz museum in Santa Rosa CA a couple of years ago. That is where he lived and worked. What an amazing place. Here's a link:

Debbie Petras said...

I love Peanuts too.

Felisol, I want to thank you for the Scripture you shared with me recently. What a blessing to read the verses you wrote down. Words cannot express how thankful I am to have a friend on the far side of the sea like you.


Leora said...

I see you have Anna Karenina in two volumes! My copy is old, worn and dark brown.

Peanuts is great stuff. Love Linus and his blanket. And I like how you got Mary's post into the background, like a collage. Good idea...

maryt/theteach said...

felisol, fantastic post for Ruby Tuesday... How clever you are to capture part of my recommendation for posting today! I love it! I love Peanuts too! Anna Karenina in two volumes? What have we left out in out American editions? Ha! :)

Dimple said...

I love Peanuts, too.
I get a cartoon daily in my email, and today Linus' blanket-hating grandma had come and taken away his blanket. She gave him a dollar to make up for it, but he looked rather silly sucking his thumb with the dollar instead of the blanket, and he didn't feel very secure, either. I thought that it's just like those who refuse Christ to try to take away a Christian's security in Him and replace it with money!

Terry said...

dear felisol..i just couldn't wait to come here and look at what red books that you would have here and just look at have a friend quote right off the bat.
you will never know how many of us, your blogging friends love and respect you so much!
and your line of books...put in nice and neat just like mom golden arranges hers!
you can read the titles and when you want to enjoy one in a free moment, it just takes you a second to grab it!
alas i am a daughter who just has lots and lots of books that are in several boxes!
if i got the urge, it would take me hours to find one and by that time the urge would be gone and i would have to go for a nap instead!! terry

Ralph said...

For better than forty years, I have been a Pan of Peanuts. My fave always the 'strange looking kid' Snoopy. The best part of this strip is that the grown-ups are not part of the art, the kids rule. Lovely!

Patti said...

Count me as a big Peanuts fan as well. I always have been. As you can see, Ralph is too!

Interesting about the Phaistos Disc. Never heard of it. Your posts are always informative and fun, Felisol.

Ivanhoe said...

Peanuts are my fav as well. Hope you are having a great day :o)

Carletta said...

Peanuts has always been one of my favorites as well. My daughter named her youngest Lucy and we search for all things Lucy from Peanuts.
Like Mary I noticed too that you captured her words - very clever.
The info on the disc was wonderful. It was something I'd never heard of. I enjoyed reading about it. So much we still don't know in our world. Thanks for sharing.

Ricepatty said...

Very cute and oh so true :) I Have loved Peanuts since I was a kid too - always right to the point.

Trish said...

I too, am a fan of Charles Schultz and every Holiday watch on television the animated features of his Peanut characters. It wouldn't be the same without watching "A Charlie Brown Christmas!"
Praying for you Dear Felisol and for your cousin..God is our provider. He will see you both through this time of illness.

EJ said...

Bookworm eh?

Art Enthusiast

Chubskulit Rose said...

Wow so many good books to read.

Great Find Ruby

Dianne said...

I love the Peanuts page you chose :)
perfect for all of us

and your book shelf is beautiful

Robin said...

I love that quote, so true.

We went to Crete about 10 years ago, what a fascinating spot, in many ways very similar to Israel but in other ways completely different.

Ivon said...

Great post and fun. I think I will follow your link before calling it a night.

Amrita said...

I love Peanuts.

I have a book called The Gospel According to Peanuts but I have not read it yet.

Your Cretian disc looks very interesting

John Cowart said...

I can't decipher all of the Phaistos Disc, but the symbols in the 1 o'clock position are the space shuttle and a sport's car.

I've heard that once Charles Schultz was in a restaurant where he saw Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. He was too shy to ask them for their autographs. After a bit, they came over to his table and asked for his.

Auntie E said...

Great books..Love the first one, oh the old day of showing Vacation pictures, Were have they gone?
My Ruby link for you

Jim said...

Felisol, Peanuts is the only one you have that I have read. And not in a book, just in the newspaper funny pages.
I don't know how I missed the assignment last week. I may try to turn in late homework for next week. It may not be acceptable.

The Cunning Runt said...

The Charlie Brown book is about my speed these days; they always have something timely to say!

Marice said...

those are wonderful photos Felisol! :)

u may view mine here

EG CameraGirl said...

Schultz was gifted, that's for sure. Very wise!

Helena said...

Great post! It's always cool to see what's on other peoples' bookshelves. Thanks for sharing!

Crown of Beauty said...

Lovely RT post.

Isn't that something, another thing we have in common. I love Peanuts too. In fact in high school, for a while, I used to sign my writings as Peanuts, and the first dog our children had was named Snoopy.

Thank you for the pictures, and the words.