Monday, April 05, 2010


Today is Second Easter Day in Norway,the fourth holiday since Maundy Thursday.
Serina's Easter vacation is over.
Easter to us has always been visiting family and getting visits.
Playing cards, reading crime novels and eating far too many Easter eggs.
Time to tidy up decorations, take some photos and pick up the other sides of my everyday life.
The snow is finally gone, the garden, my best mean of recreation, cries out for attention.
Tomorrow hiking with the ladies.
I just love this time of the year; the naked spring.
Outside our kitchen window the lilac leaves are green, bursting buds. The sallow has had "ducklings" for quite some weeks.
Step by step We are walking hand in hand with the spring.
My "April fool" this year was deceiving my loved ones to believe blue tulips had come forward from under the snow.

Not very nice. In a month I think my tulips will be here...

Originated by MaryT, check hers for today


EG CameraGirl said...

I'm glad the snow is gone from your gardens, Felisol. Gone here too...I hope we won't get more.

BLUE tulips! Hahaha! I guess they were blue from the cold. :)

Chubskulit Rose said...

Wishing you warm weather soon, I am glad the snow here is over..

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Ralph said...

Serina is a fine gateway to Spring - she is so beautiful, her looks of one so young. Like the buds beginning to sprout and flower bulbs yet to flower, the possibilities of the warmer days and new life, plant and animal, are beginning their journey. We have waited all Winter for more sun and new growth - who could not be excited about that??

Mirage said...

blue tulips? that would be pretty, i love tulips!

Amrita said...

May th e joy of the season and Easter last with you and your loved ones forever Felisol.

There was a time we celebrated Easter almost like you all. Lots of friends and family and visiting people, guests etc. But everything is different now.

So happy Serina could be with you over the hols.

Oh, reading about the cold weather makes me want some of it too. Our temp hits 42*. The worst is yet to come.

Have a lovely hiking time.

John Cowart said...

Yes, it is good to get back in the garden; Ginny and I spent Spring Break vacation working on our yard.

I'm glad to read that you and the Hiker Girls will be back walking soon. I always enjoy the photos you take on your hikes.

Hootin Anni said...

Oh yes...our family when we get together, we always end up playing card games too.

Beautiful effect with this photo.

Won't you visit my Ruby Tuesday? I'd love to have your company today.

Debbie Petras said...

I love this photo of your Serena! Simply beautiful ...

Sorry I've not been by lately to visit you. Much is going on and my email files were corrupted. But I'm back and enjoy visiting you on the far side of the sea.

Blessings and love,

Patti said...

Good April Fool's joke, Felisol.
Blue tulips would be pretty.

I used to tell the family it was snowing on April 1 to try to fool them.

Serina is a beautiful young woman.
I am also eager to get going in the garden. I have tulips outside - but the kind in pots.

Happy Ruby Tuesday!

Marice said...

the shot is awesome! she looks really lovely!

u may view mine here

Terry said...

ha!! you are the shrewd one tulips this time of the year1
IS there such a thing as blue tulips anyway?.
i meant to get here sooner but the gospel meetings have started and mom golden and i go every night.
this morning when dad golden phoned me, he said the two preachers had been over for a visit and he said that they were to my ears felisol!
and today they came and saw bernie and nice.
felisol, was this a picture that you took of serina in the fog?
we have had fog here for a couple of days and it is kind of cool..
well i will catch up to you later my friend.
dad golden is feeling better and he even mae an appointment for the doctors and he is even going to let bernie and me take him for his scheduled xrays this coming monday!
thanks for all of your terry

Crown of Beauty said...

Lovely photo, lovely post...

Serina, she has grown up to be such a beauty.

Spring is really so special. And you make it sound so so special.

I have known you more than a year, dear Felisol. Such a beautiful heart. You have a special place in my heart.

I would love to visit Rogaland in the spring.

Lidj said...


Serina is a beautiful daughter, I know you are so proud of her.

Yes, spring is here in Texas now, and we are seeing some tulips. Our son was in Holland a few years ago and brought some back. They came up around Easter and were so lovely.

It's always fun to visit my Norwegian friend!


Jim said...

I am glad your snow is gone! We got some more up in Colorado and Wsiconsin this week.

I have never seen a blue tulip so you can take a picture of yours when it comes up. I'll bet they would be double pretty in the snow. They would be good for 'MidWeek Blues' post too.

You will be missing Serena again?

Saija said...

that sounds like a lovely start to spring! and lilac leaves are out? wow! we are still waiting for the grass to get green ... and this is an early spring for us ... usually there is still snow ...

blessings on you!