Sunday, June 13, 2010

Nestor #3

Stephen Daedalus had this horrible headmaster making his professional life a nightmare.
This ignoramus of a human being, talking down his nose about Irish culture as well as Jews, is first handing over, in cash Stephen's hard earned pay, and in the next moment using his power as master superior, commanding his subordinant to get some weird articles of his printed in "your" newspapers. Yours, referring to Catholic or National papers, with whom the headmaster couldn't bear himself to contact.

It's kind of depressing to observe that the arrogance of people in power has not changed a bit for the last hundred years.
In my opinion it's not religion, nationality or education which are causing most damage or annoyance. Power is in itself a corrupting factor, and it's sought by people gifted with the grace of impudence rather than intelligence. They all seem to have in common a special flotation towards the common goal of unfalsified ruling greed.
The Nestors of this world, will live on in any regime like a plural headed troll.
Somehow I know I'll always remain the witch swimming against the stream, challenging all the Nestors I meet on my way.
I hope and pray that my daughter may come out more compliant.
Those are stormy waters to navigate.


Amrita said...

Felisol you drew an excelent comparison from that noel.

Power Nestors abound everywhere.Yesterday was Child labour day and i was reminded how millions of children in my country are slaves of theat. Today the papaers show the pitiful condition of Govt. orphanages.

We have to keep challenging injustice and going against the strem.

I am positive Serina is taking after you.

Annie Jeffries said...

Bravo for swimming against the stream, Elise. I'm swimming along side you and seem to get better at it as I grow older.

Your blog looks different, E. Are you using the new designer templates? I updated mine as well after using the lighthouse template in the original selections for over a year. Fun times ahead now that we can change with our moods (or at least with the seasons.)

Crown of Beauty said...

What a great post this is, a courageous one at that. I am praying for you, and especially for Serina.


Sue Seibert said...

Remember, the Irish novelists are ALL depressing!!!