Saturday, March 05, 2011


My pewter is up, thanks to G & G.
I have enjoyed spring in London, daffodils and outdoor cafes.
King Winter still rules back home, and we have ski World Championship going on in Oslo, with the Danish, Swedish and Norwegian royalties watching Norway win.
Congratulations to Canada who bet our hero, Northug, once on 15 kilometers...

This weekend I divide my time between the telli and a new crash course; T'ai Chi, Chi Gong and Feldenkrais combined.
Still waiting for the new kitties to arrive into this world.


Annie Jeffries said...

Hi Elise,

I've been more gone than here for the past couple of weeks and no computer with me. Not so bad really but it sure leaves me with a LOT of catching up when I get home. London sounds wonderful and I wish I was there again. Oregon and Arizona and meeting up with a couple of other bloggers for the first time was fun but I sure am glad to be home.

John Cowart said...

Just what the world needs, more cats.

Glad to see you're back.

Terry said...

oh boy! is the silk kitty having a golden wants you to send a couple of them over but dad golden says no!!
the only time that we had a cat in ottawa is when that bad boy got drinking and he brought three cats home for my sister, sandra...they were named "red hot coals", "cousin brucey" and "slapshot".
red hot coals stayed several years and had many kitties....but dad golden now says no!! i guess mom golden will have to settle for pictures when the new family comes along...hahahaha! terry

ps it sounds like john cowart is a man after dad golden's own heart...
hmmm...i don't think he appreciates cats, eh felisol?...ha!

Felisol said...

The dear John C prefers raccoons to cats.
He's entitled to his choice.
When Miss Kitty adopted us, we went to lots of trouble to find her previous "family". Ads in the news paper and posters with pictures on the boards in the local grocery stores. There did not turn up any owner, so we ha to let her in our home when King Frost came.
Just in that period she began mating, and we did not feel we were owners to decide what to do.
Now we are definite to have her sterilized after she has given birth.
I hope and pray we can find good homes for the kittens whatever Dad Golden and John C may think.

We are too old to have more than one Kitty ourselves. These have been quite nerve wrecking weeks. Gunnar are staying outside in the frost to guard Miss Kitty when she need some fresh air.
He's wants to protect her against hostile scarecrows and wildcats from the neighborhood.

Yes, we are over- protective, and we are very much alike.
I don't think we want to change. said...

First... i really loved watching the Norwegian racer win! I think it's in my blood.

As to the kitty, our grandkids just got a new one, and it runs out all the time, and they live right by a creek and woods, so I hope one of these days it doesn't disappear! :(

SO glad your 'pewter' is up and running!


Amrita said...

I really admire the skiers - such agility , balance and control. Wow.

Enjoyed the video.

People living in cold countries have developed such great ways of recreation and competition. Congrats to Norway for winning.

Hope your kitties will arrive safely.

Crown of Beauty said...

Glad your "pewter" is back, and so are you. SOmehow blog world is different when you are silent. That's what I feel.

Looking forward to hearing from you again. Thanks for this post. Always so unique.