Monday, March 07, 2011


My brother Knut Erik/aka Kel invited me to London to celebrate his 60th birthday. Since he's my only sibling, just 15 months younger than me, Irish twins they call it, we've always been very close. This time we made London for eight days. The first time we went over the North Sea in a cargo boat ,in1969, we hardly could afford visited a café at all. We survived mainly on the solid English breakfast they used to serve back then.

This time we decided it was a shame we hadn't seen the longest running play in history, The Mousetrap, written by an old favorite of us, Agatha Christie. We had some trouble finding the appendix of a street where the theater was situated. Thanks to all the red we found it, and it even was on Tuesday last.

The piece is just a tiny bit younger than we are. It's running in it's 60th year.

I didn't bring a camera, only my cellphone. Even so an overeager guardsman stopped me when I tried to shoot some interior pictures before the curtains went up.
I wouldn't even dream of telling you, who was the murderer.

After theater time we still had some shopping to do. Bro Kel needed a giant suitcase for the 900 CDs he had bought. Collectors do that kind of stuff. We found London mild and cheerful and stopped outside an outdoor café for a cuppa on our way home.

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Leora said...

I'm glad you don't reveal the murderer. Pleased as punch that you enjoyed your trip with your brother.

Colleen said...

Felisol, that sounds like a wonderful trip! I am so happy you had that precious time enjoying London with your brother! Such memories as well! I would really enjoy seeing that play, love a good Agatha Christie story!:)

And I have never heard siblings close in age called "Irish twins" before...that made me honestly laugh out loud.:)

Looks like a lovely time! Thank you for sharing it!

Cafe au lait said...

Happy belated to your brother. You took wonderful pictures.

I played too. Mine are here and here.

Roxxy said...

what an enjoyable trip indeed! i like Agatha Christie murder mysteries too *wink*

Terry said...

dear felisol...what a wonderful ruby tuesday post!
i am glad that g and g restored your computer.
i am glad you had a good time.
i am glad that you got that ONE great unallowed picture [ha! should see all of the pictures i took at southern gospel concerts and no one said a thing!]
i am glad that you took such nice pictures of kel that i can finally swipe when i need him for a post on my blog!
i am glad you are back.!!! terry

Ralph said...

This trip of siblings feels so special, to visit London in celebration is wonderful. The ruby theater sign is artistic, and in character with the 60 years of the play - as stylish in the 1950s as now. And the play is a classic too, given that it was well written then and is still to see after all these years. Thanks for not revealing anything about the show - but having a splendid trip as well! said...

I always enjoy your 'ruby's'... and I also have read plenty of Agatha Christie's through the years. What fun to go and see a real performance. I'd say you celebrated in style!

Keep the pictures coming!

Liz said...

Wonderful photos.

steveroni said...

Be happy that Kel doesn't collect "giant suitcases" (900 CDs--WOW!)

Happy to read about your happy meeting with Bro....


clavs said...

having good time with your bro that's nice...I am your newest follower,

Amrita said...

Hapy belated birthday to Brother Kel. Your pictures are nice.

Agatha Christie is my favourite and my parent 's too. I have read lots of her mysteries. I think The Mousetrap to, but i don 't remember the story.

Vicki said...

Love your pictures, Felisol. So long since I've chatted with you....the two emails I sent awhile back both bounced and I haven't been blogging much up until now. Hope you are doing well, my friend. My daughter & her husband visited London this past fall and really enjoyed their trip. It looks like you enjoyed it too!


Mrs. Mac said...

Your 'sibling' trip sounds like a wonderful memory filled adventure! How nice that the two of you were able to take such a special holiday. I bet your mother was glad for you both as well. Thank you for taking me 'along' on your trip by posting about it. A most happy belated 60th b/d to your brother.