Saturday, June 25, 2011


After having had several broken bones incidents due to my osteoporosis, amongst other two compression fractures in the spine, I felt like my body had kind of let me down, deserted me.
Pills, doctors, physiotherapists were of no help at all.
Till I met with my Feldenkrais instructor, Lolomai Selso.
Once a week we have been working for an hour, and I actually felt better from the first lesson, a year and a half ago.
Lately I have not been very nice to my back. Garden work isn't for sissies.
Now I'm on my second week of baby crawling. A cure for the back, 7x7x7.
Seven minutes, seven days a week for seven week.
Opposite to this baby, my crawling is supposed to be done slow and in a diagonal rhythm. That is Left hand and right foot moves together.
Thereby both left and right brain hemisphere are stimulated simultaneously.
It's simple, it's free and it only requires seven minutes a day.


Annie Jeffries said...

I've never heard of this, Elise. I'll have to Bing it and learn more about it. So glad it and other therapies have been a help to you.

Amrita said...

Dear Felisol, I have never heard of Feldenfrais, but it sounds interesting, trust this physio therapy an d exercis helps you. I was unable to watch the video on my slow connection. It did not play, but I will try once more. Right now I an leaving for the youth camp. We had a good time yesterday, more than 200 young people from tiny tots to young families arrived, even the food ran out , so they had to cook more, how wonderful!

Dannelle Rose said...

Hi Felisol!!

It's LPP...all grown up, I guess ;)

I miss you so much and I wanted to come by and say HI and see how you are doing, how your daughter is, and how life is going. Sorry to hear your body was in such pain, I hope you are getting better and better each day :)

Love and prayers,
LPP said...

I hadn't heard of this either Felisol. I got onto their website and looked at some of the other moves. It's really interesting. How wonderful that this concept of movement has given you so much help, and I can see it so clearly through the movement of the beautiful baby. So I've learned something new today. I'll keep it in my computer so I'll know what to do if I should need it. :)


Leora said...

I have heard good things about the Feldenkrais methods. Good for you, and glad it works!

My father also has osteoporosis issues.

Have you investigated nutritional methods? Some say eating less meat may help. Keep exploring all the non-tradtional, non-Western medicine options - a pill isn't going to help with this one.

Amrita said...

Its raining heavily an d I am sitting on the verandah, watchin g your wonderful Felden krais vid3eos. I am amazed at this exercise system, the fluid movements and relaxation.

I wish I could do it too. But if I lay down on the floor I would not be able to get up Ha-ha.

There was a time I used to exercise daily for half hour, but my movement is quite restricted now.

Thanks for sharing this Felisol