Thursday, July 21, 2011


For a Daughter who leaves
A woman weaves
her daughter's wedding
slippers that will carry
her steps into a new life.
The mother weeps alone
into her jeweled sewing box
slips red thread
around its spool,
the same she used to stitch
her daughter's first silk jacket
embroidered with turtles
that would bring luck, long life.
She remembers all the steps
taken by her daughter's
unbound quick feet:
dancing on the stones
of the yard among yellow
butterflies and white breasted sparrows.
And she grew, legs strong
body long, mind
Now she captures all eyes
with her hair combed smooth
and her hips gently
swaying like bamboo.
The woman
spins her thread
from the spool of her heart,
knotted to her daughter's
wedding slippers

Janice Mirikitani


Colleen said...

Beautiful Felisol. This poem moved my heart.

Leora said...

Your daughter is beautiful, and her photographer is superb.

wedding slippers"
- vivid said...

The poem is so beautiful, it catches my 'mother' heart as well. Serina is a beauty, no doubt about it. I almost feel like she is one of 'my kids'!!! :)


P.S... your recent comments on my page made me laugh out loud. That sweet tooth is mine also, my mother had one too. I fight it all the time, and the reason I am fighting so hard right now, is because I DIDN'T fight very hard for the last few years!! :(

Michelle said...

I agree...your daughter is beautiful.. My daughter and only child will be getting married next year..where did the time go...The next stage of live where the we are so much more aware of time passing like the seasons in my yard...Michelle

Becky said...


Annie Jeffries said...

Beautiful photo of Serina and the poem is pure enchantment. It tugged hard at this mother's heart.

Amrita said...

This poem uncovers a mother 's love and longing for her daughter.

Oh you must miss Serina so much Felisol. She is your precious jewel. She looks so pretty in your photo.

I just heard about the big explosion in Oslo, just a few minutes ago as we were watching the news. Worried about you all and your frinds,.Trust you all are well, God may prevent men from carrying out their evil acts.

Amrita said...

The phot and th e poem both speak of your heart and love for Serina. She is you r precious jewel. A mother 's bond with her daughter is th e strngest.

A few minutes ago we heard about the explosion in Oslo. We are concerned about your safety and well being. May God prevent evil men dfrom carrying out these acts

Jada's Gigi said...

What a are blessed

Terry said...

praying for your dear country my dear terry

John Cowart said...

Just heard about the terrible bombing and shootings in Oslo. I am so sorry for your nation. This must be so upsetting. I care.


Saija said...

i love the pics you post of your Serina ... what a blessing ...

on another note - tragic note - i was so sorry to hear of the terrorist attacks in Norway ... how very very sad ...

steveroni said...

This Mirikitani poem is one of the nicest tributes to a daughter by an emotional mother that I've read.

And what a beautiful work of God's Creation is your daughter...and the photo!


Roan said...

Your daughter is a beauty. Like the sepia tone. Here's hoping you and your family are all safe.

jel said...

that is a cool poem and picture

hope y'all are safe