Saturday, February 25, 2012


Happy Birthday to daughter Serina and brother Kel.
I'm giving you the good memories from birthday celebrations 16 years ago.
This particular year we celebrated three days in a row.
First with the small, close family, then with the school class and last with children from the neighborhood.

Most pictures were captured by Gunnar. I had the opportunity to take a few too.
Serina always was this smiling blue eyed girl, with lots of love and laughter.
Not a thing she would not do to please her mama.

Yeah. Over the sofa and down in the splits early birthday morning.

My mother used to help me out with baking cakes, but I think this one was ordered special for Serina from the confectioner.

Cousin Kristine Maria, bro Kel, whose birthday we celebrated the day before and my Mom, still wearing an apron.

Mia was a part of the extended family, her grandson, Alexander is born Feb. 26th,will be 18 tomorrow.

Somehow I cannot find aunt Lilly. She used to be the most faithful of all celebrators. Kel, Mom, Gunnar's brother Harald and sister Sigrid, and the happiest of them all; my dad.
Yesterday Kel celebrated with going to work, Serina shall be with her roomies in Ireland and we shall have cake with my mother. Great fun Skyping by midnight though.

Birthday wish
On your birthday
You are a king
No other day
Will ever bring
A chance to fly
Without wings
Feel as if
You are on a swing
Higher so much that
No one can think
Give your life
A new tinge
Of laughter, joy
Beam and bing
So what are
You waiting for
Come on sing
Happy Birthday to You


Mrs. Mac said...

Indeed .. for the good times .. and a walk through memory lane. A most happy birthday to Serina, Kel and Alexander tomorrow. I so enjoyed the peek into your treasured family album.

xxx Cathy

Roan said...

Happy Birthday to all. Love looking at those old family pictures. It's such fun to see how everyone has changed.

I'm still working lots of extra hours, which makes it hard to visit and comment. Hopefully we will get another employee hired soon so I can go back to normal hours.

Amrita said...

Happy birthday Snow Princess Serina and cousins. May the Lord grant you the desires of your heart. Lots of love.

I love all your photos

❀~Myrna~❀ said...

What a joy to recall happy days ! I have enjoyed all your beautiful celebration photos ! Thanks for sharing ! Happy Birthday to Serina , Alexander&Kel!

Barbros lille verden said...

Tusen takk for veldig koselig kommentar! Den varmet :)
Ser ut som en herlig gammel bursdagsfeiring!
Ønsker deg en riktig fin ny uke :)
Klem fra Barbro said...

ah Serina... I meant to hop back over here to wish you a Happy Birthday, and I'm late, but no less wishing that this is your best year ever. I love all the pictures, and haven't those years gone by quickly?

I'm praying for you Serina, as you continue your exciting and challenging adventure and studies.

Love to you & your mom, from your Texas Norwegian friend! :)

Jada's Gigi said...

what fun! the memories! wish Serina and Kel a very happy birthday for us this year!