Thursday, April 26, 2012

Our Father 7

Evil at the foot of the pulpit of St.Mary's Church, Bergen. The woodcarvers of the baroque had a vivid interpretation of how and what the evil was like. It felt right to put him under the foot of the priest .

"But deliver us from evil"...

I know what the evil wants; murder and destroy. Spread conflicts, jealousy and hatred among friends, in families and in the church, and thus tear the good work down.

I sincerely pray God to protect us from all the evil's cunning attacks.
He has promised to do so. "Keep close to him, and he will keep close to you."

There's another even worse trap to walk into; be an evil doer myself. To seek revenge, and be tempted to use testimony and real evidence to hurt a person.
I know I feel tempted, so therefore I whispering pray,
"Deliver me from evil and from being evil or do evil".


Becky said...

i shall whisper the same for myself. thank you!

Gattina said...

Would be nice to hang over the housedoor for unwanted visitors !

Roan said...

Interesting carving. Wonderful post. said...

So many times you speak the truth in my own heart, no wonder I love you!

Amrita said...

We are kliving in a wicked world and who knows what evil stalks our path , that is why we have to have this prayer on our lips and hearts.

Our Fathe rt places His hedge of protection and deliverance around us.

People are amazed hiw I live all alone in my house, in India its very unusual, I tell them my confidence is in the Lord and He protects me.

Our Pastor heard that that some anti Christians elements mught create a distrubance during our meetings. 2 police officers came yesterday to enquire, they will send policemen to be on duty today.

❀~Myrna~❀ said...

Yes , we need to pray to be delivered from evil,inside and outside of ourselves . It is always a great temptation to repay evil for evil.
Great, very relevant post.