Friday, September 21, 2012


I don't even know the name of this tree. We didn't plant the garden originally.
When we talk of "the tree" this is what we are referring to. A four season beauty.


Crown of Beauty said...

The beauty of having four seasons is that you transition into a new season four times a year. There's rhythm and regularity, and that somehow creates an inner rhythm to your life as well.

I continue to pray for peace and joy for you and your family.


Debbie Petras said...

A beautiful photo indeed! I miss the fall season. Growing up in New York, I loved the smells, the colors, the change. Phoenix is not the same. It still seems like summer but I can feel a little bit of change as the temperatures decrease slowly.

Blessings and love,

Mrs. Mac said...

The berries look like Rowan berries .. but not sure about the leaves??

Felisol said...

The berries are a trifle bigger than Rowan berries and the leaves are a totally different. I don't even know if the berries are edible, but the birds love them. They use to tank up in hundreds before leaving for the south.

John Cowart said...

The changes is plants and seasons in a joy.

Terry said...

it sure IS a four season beauty felisol and a wonderful picture.
yes.. fall was here yesterday and the weather is agreeing that it is..the leaves have barely started to put on their autumn coats yet. i guess that they got so much sun and heat the last five months that they have forgotten that summer has gone!..we have had the warm weather since march.
really nice post felisol...still thinking about the princess and praying that all is terry

Annie Jeffries said...

Pretty. It looks like a sort of holly.

Amrita said...

Lovely tree with th e berries, signalling a change in season. Enjoy all th e colour of the fall.