Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ruby promise

These ruby letters were written om my bedroom wall when I was a teen.
I see them every time I am visiting my mother. They are a promise, signed God. "Never will I leave nor forsake you." Deut. 31:6
I haven't promised him. He has promised me.

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Annie Jeffries said...

So touching, Elise. I'm so glad they have not been painted over.

Jim said...

Hi Felisol ~~ Thank you for peeking on my Adi news. Adi was a very dear friend, a perfect pet for us, and my buddy girl.

We are making it okay but sure do miss her and get very sad at times.

I had told Terry that I would peek in on your Ruby Red post that she liked. I like it very much too. We like light houses and also have visited several.

I am glad you showed yours with a nice message. We haven't made it back to Norway yet but do want to do your coast and wonderful fiords.

You be careful walking so that you get out of breath. That is a signal telling you to go easy on yourself.

Crown of Beauty said...

Beautiful words of promise dear Felisol, how good that they are still there for you to remember.

Hold on to them, for strength and encouragement.


Debbie Petras said...

I love these words of promise. We can count on this promise for sure.


Robin said...

Is that light reflecting on them like that? How perfect.

Felisol said...

Indeed, it's the reflection of a night lamp over the bed where I slept as a girl.
My mother never touched this writing. I think she found comfort in them too.
Once Serina brought a friend for sleep over at her grand parents, I heard them quarrel after bed time. Both wanted to lie with their heads under the promises. I had to copy the words on the wall for the little guest.

Life and Breath and Everything Else said...

Awesome! I love the idea of having those words written on the wall. Why didn't I think of that? :)

Carletta said...

If you were going to write on the wall there couldn't have been anything better to write. :)
I love that it's still there for you.

Ralph said...

It can be very easy for most of us to forget that he has made a promise to protect us and be near - we must be reminded that God's promises are true and never forgotten. The promise is always!

Amrita said...

Those words are etched in stone, so to speak. A daily remender which has come true in your life as you can testify Felisol.

And our heavenly Father will be with you till the very end

❀~Myrna~❀ said...

Those words are such a comfort to me!
He is only that make that promise and keep it!That is a beautiful thing to have written on your wall.

Liz said...

It's beautiful.

Red Blooms and Red Bricks

EJ said...

So beautifully captured!

Have a great Tuesday!

Maria @ LSS said...

Beautiful words.

Jada's Gigi said...

He has promised! Wonderful that those words remain on your childhood wall....

Terry said...

dear felisol...ever since i have known you, you have encouraged me with this verse, and i like the way that you said one time...saying it backwards means the same thing.."thee forsake nor thee leave never will i.
the promise remains the same!
love terry

Trish said...

How wonderful that your mother left these precious words on your wall!
Blessings dear friend.

Saija said...

what a wonderful reminder - cool!!!!

and blessings on you this morning, your comment on my blog was so "vintage felisol" that it started my day with a big smile!

big (hugs) ... said...

That promise is everything, isn't it? In the good times, and bad times, God is always with us. He's in Texas just like he is in Norway. There is nothing so comforting than to know that.

How is your mother, Felisol?