Monday, October 01, 2012

Everlasting Ruby Joys

I found this picture last week. My uncle Leif made this slide  from a Sunday School trip summer of 1960. Gunnar made a great job scanning hundreds of slides for my uncle, so that family members and church members might have their own Sunday School DVD.
 This must have been the summer of red jumpers and pony tails. I just love "going into this picture", study and remember one the best days of my life. The game going on is Blind man's Buff, you can spot two blindfolded kids in the middle of the ring. Spread around are grown ups, all so very relaxed, no BBQ or fancy equipment, homemade sandwiches, and coffee, soda for sale in the yellow boxes. My parents are her, two aunts, one uncle, four cousins, my self, my brother probably down by the sea. I know each and everyone of the kids by name till this day, they are like pearls in my memory book. The grand family who owned the place would always open their huts by the fjord for the church members. The old boathouse with kitchen and living room upstairs was pulled down this summer.The memories will never die. This week has been especially devoted to this particular picture, walking down memory lane.

Magical Mystery Teacher is hosting Ruby Tuesday 2 together with Gemma Wiseman


Sonja said...

I am walking it too Felisol, right back into that wonderful memory. We are richer because we have those pearls in our past. What a day it was, to remember it all so clearly. I am the same, I have stored up some gems in my mind, but for both of the real place they live is in our hearts.

I loved this picture.


Jada's Gigi said...

what a treasure!! I love it! Pearls is exactly right!

Kim, USA said...

This photo would surely brings a lot of memories.


Terry said...

dear felisol...i love red jumpers and pony tails and sunday school picnics!
your sweet uncle lief left you such a treasure and gunnar perfected it..what a rare treasure!!
oh that you remember all of the names! this is a gift! had better write them all down for seriina..
the last two weeks mom golden and betty and i have written a bit for the rivers, manitoba history book and last night, i finally sent betty's in..the deadline for this book was sept 30. so she just made took a lot of work!..i think that i will put it in my blog for ruby tuesday if i only have the time..this week is a week of doctor appointments and blood tests!!!ha!...felisol thank you for praying for your prayer child..last night i read your message to mom golden and this morning i gave dad golden the message...and so i will keep you informed..

you know what felisol, when dad golden was young, he and is 12 brothers and sisters were picked up by a sunday school bus every week for sunday school and you know what most of those children got saved!...i think sunday school is an important jim still has a sunday school class!.
we used to sing this song in sunday school.
Everybody ought to go to Sunday School,
Sunday School, Sunday School.
Everybody ought to go to Sunday School
The mothers and the fathers,
and the boys and the girls,
everybody ought to go to Sunday School

roy rogers used to say "love god and go to sunday school regularly .sunday school is not for is for men!"

i love this ruby tuesday post my bestest has brought back so many memories and i love terry

❀~Myrna~❀ said...

Wonderful childhood memories ,they stand still in our hearts& minds and live forever. Lovely trip down memory lane. :)

Ralph said...

I would be happy if 1960 fashions ever became the norm in 2012. Those were the days of tasteful and modest dress and fun without lots of electronics - a society that was less individualistic. As others have said, the memories never seem to be lost and the scans are proof of a gentler time...

Lauren Davenport said...

What a great photo! It looks like a wonderful memory :)

Chubskulit Rose said...

Oh wow, it looks recent!

My YELLOW entry
Your comment is always a delight to read.

denpaul said...

nice family picture....

Liz said...

Lots of red here. I'm sure it brought a lot of memories.


Crown of Beauty said...

Wonderful picture, takes you down memory lane where love and warmth reside. Praying all is well with you, Gunnar, and Serina.

Much love

Amrita said...

Thi s is such a treasured memory Felisol. I love th e peaceful relaxed atmosphere of the picnic beside th e sea. A happy time together.
Today we had a day camp for children in our church

Mrs. Mac said...

Lovely memories for sure. I could tell the era by the young girls wearing skirts. How nice that the food was homemade (with love) instead of 'fast' food. Simple times. I love the wooden flag pole made from a skinny tree log.

Trish said...

Precious memories, how they linger...
How blessed to share them with you.