Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Rubbish wonder

We have lived in our house with this somewhat messy garden / jungle for fifteen years. A five meter high tree has been an eye soar to my husband. It bends out over the main road and there's nothing much to it. I have seen birds building nests in the top, the cooling shadow under the tree and I've begged for mercy, begged for it's life.


 The main reason and my heaviest argument for letting the tree live, has been the flowers blossoming three weeks in April.Cherry flowers we thought.

Under the tree the ground was moist and rare plants like this ramsons , leek from the viking ages, thrive.
Gunnar made me a garden swing there, and I had a good time in my Secret Garden. My friend Anne persuaded me to cut some branches last autumn. "So many that one can throw a hat between the branches."

This autumn strange things began to happen with this ugly duckling.

It's grown even taller than last year, but with much light coming through.

 Gunnar came in from the garden with two green "stones". crab apple, I said. There actually is a crab apple tree near by. The other day Serina and I were out on inspection, and what did we see. Yellow, little plums lying in the grass. We tasted them. They were sweet as only plums can be.

Looking up we saw them, hidden among the leaves. Lots and lots of yellow plums. Turning water into wine counts for nothing, compared to turning a fruitless cherry tree into a bountiful plum tree .
The autumn's greatest joy and surprise.

I link to Rubbish by Roan. Go over and see some other great finds.


Mrs. Mac said...

What a wonderful gift from God. The pruning must have helped too. I like how so many plants grow underneath creating your secret garden area. A keeper!

steveroni said...

Could it be that the tree is rewarding you for being its advocate? Just kidding...but whoever of us REALLY "knows" anything.

Imagine, a cherry tree giving you plums. So they WERE plum blossoms. But whoever heard of a "Plum-Blossom Festival", huh? Maybe that is your calling this year, promote plum trees, and their fruit.

Happily, Felisol, I wish you JOY!

Diana said...

Now that is a wonderful transformation. Good on you for not cutting the old tree down.


Tom said...

Sound like it's time to make some plum jelly! Tom The Backroads Traveller

Sola Scriptura said...

How charming to have a secret garden area with a garden swing! It must be so delightful!

Roan said...

I think it has decided to repay your for being its champion and blessed you with yummy plums. Great story and an amazing tree. I like your secret garden. Thanks for joining the fun!

Jada's Gigi said...

How about that! the pruning must have done it!

Crown of Beauty said...

So it's a plum tree after all! She is rewarding you for sparing her life all these years... The "ugly duckling" has blossomed into a graceful swan!
Love this post!

A Colorful World said...

Oh no...you HAVE to keep the tall tree, the space it provides underneath for the ransoms (I often wondered what that plant looked like...I know they are adible) and the plum tree! What an amazing garden space! Love your swing too!

Saija said...

ohhhhh! we had a plum tree when we lived in the cottage ... sweet yummy plums ... loved the story ... thanx for sharing!

Unknown said...

What a treasure. Plum trees don't usually get that large. You could feed the neighbors.
What a delight to meet you. We actually have some trees like that too.

David C Brown said...

So who knows where there are persons who can bring fruit to God with a little attention?

Anonymous said...

lovely blog!