Sunday, December 21, 2008


Serina 3 painted Virgin Mary

Finally the Fourth Sunday of Advent and the stress begin to slow down.
Today will be the shortest day and the longest night of the year.

The moon has been kind to us this December.
Never in many years was it so close to the earth.
My Mom who has an eastbound bedroom used to wake up in the nights by moonlight brightening the room.

Tomorrow is sun turn. Till New Year the sun will be
standing a cock's step higher on the sky, my Grandma used to say.
I could not find this song about the bells calling out the merry gospel about the newborn King.
For those who can read musical notes, there is a chance.

Kimer I klokker=Ring O ye bells

1. Ring, O ye bells, O ring out ere the daylight advances!
Gleam, O ye stars, sending forth like the angels your glances!
Peace upon earth
Heralds the wonderful birth;
Glory to God in the highest!

2. Christmas has come, with its sunlight our fears all dispelling,
Come with the Child of whom voices angelic are telling,
Come from abore,
Bring glad tidings of love;
Glory to God in the highest!

3. Sing, O ye children of men to the uttermost naions!
Mingle sweet music and sing in your rapt jubilation!
Born is the Child,
Pledge of God's Fatherhood mild;
Glory to God in the highest!


Debbie Petras said...

My dad remembered the brightness of the moon at this time when he lived in Norway for a few years as a child. I love how you share your world with us. I love to learn more about my heritage and you do that so beautifully. Thank you Felisol.

Amrita said...

Love to you Felisol, for making my dark night- like day shine. need your payers. i have posted requests on my blog andon Pilgrim pals too.

Trish said...

I love learning your customs and heritage..."on the far side of the sea" is such a fitting name for your Blog.
Thank you commenting on our losing our precious Gracie...sometimes it seems we still hear her barking and catch ourselves listening for her.

Felisol said...

Dear Debbie,
it is inspiring to blog, when getting such positive response.

Besides I think the better people know each other, the less is the possibility of hostility.

My way of spreading a tiny drop of peace.

Dear Amrita,
I think you have learned me more than anyone in my blogging time.
I who live safely and in abundance soaringly need to see longer than my own bellybutton.
What are small family trials according too millions of Christians risking death and persecutions for the name of Jesus.
Yes, my friend, I will pray for you, for your family, for your church, for the Christians of India and for India, the nation.
May God keep his saving, protecting hand over you.
From Felisol

Dear Trish,
I'm afraid you will have a long time of mourning and want ahead of you.
The greater love, the deeper pain.
It's perfectly alright to let your tears flow.
Let's hope, like my Dad used to say about our pet-cat; "We'll meet him again on The New Earth."
From Felisol