Sunday, December 21, 2008


Globetrotter, happy birthday, happy celebration.Icelandic family gathering. Gunnar supporting aunt Lilly.

New crocs one year ago!
Ogna beach, heaven on earth.
On the edge.
Aussie hat in Portugal.
The quite afternoon walks we've had, how I appreciate them.
Holding on to the cross which has been standing here for thousand years, showing the right direction.
Moon over Florence.
Didn't we have a lovely time the day we went...on a carousel?
A man of multiple interests and skills. Here; full concentration performing Tai Chi at the beach.
Just how many kilometers of gallery floors we have wandered, I don't know. Here outside National Gallery London.

First picture I made of Gunnar early spring -87.
He has planted his beloved MG in a bed of White Anemones.

I'd say this very much describes the birthday child.
Hubby Gunnar.

Bjørg Thorhallsdottir's picture could have been made for us, don't you think??

Night in Florence
King of happy 50 anniversary. Eight years ago.

At the key in the town he loves so well.
Here was his playground as a child.
Cars are one of his main interests. Gunnar therefor bonded easily with my car-focused family.
Father and daughter in many ways are twin souls with their unique form of humor.
Just how many times Gunnar has been chauffeuring me to Sauda I cannot count. The last year my Dad lived I was home every other week. Gunnar would drive me in to my parents, then return to stay with our daughter, and then fetch me again.
He drove twice the 240 narrow kilometers for each time I went one. I am eternally graceful.

There's never been a doubt who Serina is looking like. They a bonding in a wonderful way.

In the hallway playing monkey business.
Serina's portrait hanging over his head in the kitchen.
If enlarged, you can see Gunnar at the alter of what once were the Monastery Church on Halsney.
History is another of Gunnar's main interest as well as university education. We've spent many a happy day on excursions locally and abroad.

Walking in the special alley near the Monastery.
At sea with wind in his hair.

The teacher never and the artist both are strongly alive. Gunnar has inspired both Serina and me, to photography, painting, playing instruments, writing, thinking, seeing, reading.
He even persuaded my Mom taking up piano playing after 70!
Walking, and seeing new places or revisit old. Together
we have had most wonderful summer nights in our neighborhood.

A good meal makes the world a better place.

Jaeren has become a favorite district rallying and roaming.
The churchyard by the sea.
Always awake, always interested, always reflecting.
Oh yes, I have snapped up some ideas from you.
Don't be too serious, Elisabeth says.
Our mutual interests in music generally and Bob Dylan in particular have given us spectacular experiences.
Sola Beach Hotel, where we can really relax.
This summer and autumn have been busy. New outdoor fireplace, new terrace walls, renovating the outlet flat.
Not much complaint about his chronic pains.

June Serina finished school. Father and daughter photoshooting in a mountain village.

Sandycove, Ireland, the Joyce tower.Back on memory lane, accompanied by Gunnar.
Over the hills and far away, crossing The long Mountain Ridge.
A short walk in the summer night. We were out till 01 in the morning. Cameras in use all the time, the birds also are holding the most wonderful concerts at this place between the woods and the trout water. Magic.
I'd probably never dared to touch a computer, where it not for Gunnar challenging, inspiring and helping out under the worst thinkable datamares. How many hours spent helping others. How little space for himself.
Serina needed a car, Gunnar decided. He repaired my Dad's old Fiat and drove for 14 hours to hand it over to her. No wonder she is happy.

More gallery. Gunnar don't spend 20 minutes in a gallery. He's scanning every detail, and makes the visit an experience for life.
Christmas dinner in Sauda.
My Mom stayed with us for four months after she'd had a brain stroke this winter. Were it not for Gunnar , inspiring, training, driving, taking her out for shopping, cafes, sightseeing, I doubt she would have recovered that soon. "I think I'll leave the roller behind, your arm is more supportive,"Mom said.
The dessert is eaten. Who's got the almond??
My dad, my Mom, my uncle, Gunnar's aunties; all trust and hold on to the friendship with Gunnar.
"He's so patient and good at listening," Aunt Lilly says.

Celebrating Iceland's Constitution Day, June 17th.B
Revisiting 100 Club in London.
Heatwave in Rome. I collapsed, Gunnar turned every stone.
The hurricane Inga struck heavily some years ago. Serina called from Bergen. She and a girlfriend had been on a concert, and this oil barrel was given Serina as a souvenir. Gunnar drove for six hours nonstop to rescue this precious gift. A merciful God led them safely home through the raging storm and sinister night.
So tough..home after a shopping tour in the bazaars of Istanbul.

Gunnar is a thoroughbred. He always accomplish everything he sets out to do. Fascinated by the genius of James Joyce he spent months on reading Finnegan's Wake,- and enjoyed every moment.English also was a main subject in his university degree.
Father and daughter inspiring each other. Apple rules.
Serina had never seen this picture of her Dad before today. He was a top gun.

...Love is not love Which alters when it alteration finds, Or Bends with the remover to remove. O, no! It is an ever-fixed mark, That looks on tempests and is never shaken. It is the star to every wandering bark, whose worth's unknown, although his height be taken.
William Shakespeare.


Mrs. Mac said...

A most happy birthday to Gunnar. A well traveled and versed man full of gratitude, good friends, a helpmate for his bride, and wise man to bring up his daughter to test the waters of life.


Felisol said...

Dear Mra. Mac,
I'll bring your greetings to tim, when he wakes up in the morning. We always start celebrating at midnight. This way the birthday "child" gets presents from midnight to midnight.
From Felisol

Jim said...

Hi Felisol, you did this up right!

Happy Birthday Gunnar!
Happy Birthday Gunnar!
Happy Birthday Gunnar!
Happy Birthday Gunnar!
Happy Birthday Gunnar!
Happy Birthday Gunnar!
Happy Birthday Gunnar!
Happy Birthday Gunnar!
Happy Birthday Gunnar!
Happy Birthday Gunnar!

That's pretty good singing for me. I have been practicing with my Mexican restaurant wait staff buddies. They sing to all the customers who have birthdays.
Happy Birthday Gunnar!

Thanks for the hint on his age. You guys travel real nice. Some day we can compare notes.

Are your lady friends waiting for you to die off or get rid of him? He seems like one fellow those friends would line up for in case he is available.
BTW, in January we will be going to some place we haven't been, Granada (Island).

John Cowart said...

This is a terrific tribute to him. I liked the photo in the Blues Brothers shirt best.

maryt/theteach said...

Oh my Felisol, an extraordinary visit with you, your husband and daughter! Happy birthday to Gunnar!

I give a link to Robin's Hanukkah posts on my Ruby Tuesday post this afternoon.

Amrita said...

Happy birthday Gunnar.

You are an exceptional, Dad, husband and son-in-law and nephew.

Felisol you gave displayed all the talents and interests of Gunnar very well. I love your vintage car.

Unknown said...

Takk skal du ha meg venn.

EN henrivende hyllest å Artillerist. Gratulerer med dagen!! Jeg håper det du , Føljetong , Artillerist og alle din elsket seg har en meget gledelig jul!


Terry said...

Dearest Felisol..I have never seen such a special birthday greeting as this is!
Such a summary of your sweetheart's life and his lovely character.
Hey Felisol. I kind of read between the lines.
Doesn't that Gunnar belong to the select club of the 49ers?
He is just a young whipper snapper!
NOT nice !!
I hope that his midnight to midnight celebration was out of this world.
I could hear that Mr. Jim right though my computer. Don't tell him I'm saying so but I think that the guy is finally learning to carry a tune!!!...Love Terry

Pia K said...

What a wonderful walk through your life together, such a sweet tribute to your husband and his birthday!

Vicki said...

I enjoyed this beautiful photo journey with you about Gunnar's life and character..what a wonderful man! He is such a blessing to you and your family! Thank you for sharing this.

Raven said...

Belated Happy Birthday to Gunnar. What a wonderful tribute to someone who is clearly a truly special human being. The pictures and your words show a man who is handsome and kind to the depths of his soul and no just on the outside. Thank you for sharing the beauty of your love and your relationship. Happy Birthday Gunnar!

Raven said...

This may be a duplicate comment and if it is I apologize. I wrote something and then forgot to wait to make sure it was posted.

Anyway... belated happy birthday to Gunnar. This is such a beautiful tribute to someone who is clearly an extra-ordinary person. It's clear from your words and the pictures that he is handsome and kind not just on the surface but to the depths of his soul. You can see how much warmth and love and laughter you all share and it is beautiful to see.

Belated happy birthday to Gunnar. I wish him many, many more rich in love and laughter and creative adventures.

Terry said...

Dear Gunnar..I was so happy to find that song on YouTube and I am glad you liked it
I looked really hard!
You are right about Felisol...She aways sees the good in everyone and she is a sweet gentle soul.You are her husband, Serina is her daughter, we are her friends and Dad Golden is her prayer child..How fortunate can we all be, eh?....Love Terry

Terry said...

Dear Felisol
Yes I did read this comment that Mr. Jim put in but I am telling you I have some dense brain, not putting it together with what you said about the queue! Ha!
That Mr. Jim, eh?
I guess you will be keeping a much closer eye on that Gunnar now.... Jim's comment and some bloggers telling you what a cute guy he is!
I know that you aren't jealous though.
It is a good thing that I don't have a jealous bone in my body. All the young girls at MacDonald's and Burger King just adore that Bernie, and are always wanting hugs. One time[and it is a good thing that the owner wasn't there], Bernie almost jumped over the counter to hug one young missy!!
You have made me laugh in the middle of the night Felisol..Love Terry