Sunday, November 08, 2009


Brother in law Terje was 70 November 2.
He was celebrated Monday and today by a large group of family and friends.
All his life he has worked hard supporting his family. Fishing, farming, nutrition engineering, a director of several smaller dairies, greengrocer and inventor. Love of music and arts as his major passions combined with continuous house reconstruction. 5 years ago he suffered two major brain strokes. With a will and strength beyond understanding he has worked with physiotherapists and speech teachers since then.
My respect and admiration have increased day by day these last 5 years.
This poem, written by a well known Norwegian author, who also knew how just staying alive craved hard labor, as well as a flaming dream, shall be my birthday greeting to Terje.

It is this dream we are carrying
that something wonderful will happen,
that it must happen,
that time must open
that hearts must open
that doors must open
that mountains must open
that fountains must spring-
that the dream must open,
that we one early morning dawn shall sail in
to a harbor unknown..

Det er den draumen

Det er den draumen me ber på
at noko vedunderleg skal skje,
at det må skje -
at tidi skal opna seg
at hjarta skal opna seg
at dører skal opna seg
at berget skal opna seg
at kjeldor skal springa -
at draumen skal opna seg,
at me ei morgonstund skal glida inn
på ein våg me ikkje har visst um

Olav H. Hauge


Annie Jeffries said...

Dear Elise,

What a beautiful tribute to Terje. He is man I would like knowing and call friend. The poem is so uplifting and filled with hope. As I read the final line, my first reaction was death being the unknown harbor but then I realized it could just as easily mean the sudden turn and change that can happen in one's life. That too can lead us to unknown harbors.


Felisol said...

Dear Annie,
Terje for sure is a person with lots of great inner qualities!
I think the dream of which the author speaks, is making some sort of break threw(s) to reach further in this life.
From Elise

Anonymous said...

A lovely tribute and poem.

Amrita said...

Happy birthday Terje. He is certainly a giant of a man living such a fruitful and productive life for his family and community.

And true with your family spirit one to stands up against all odds, strong in spirit and will power.

Wonderful to read about him.

The poem t5oo speaks of hope and new openings. Very fitting indeed.

Such a priveledge to have himn as a part of your family

Kris said...

I recently celebrated the 70th birthday of a woman who had a brain stroke, too. She was the one who started Kristiansand's school for nurses and she was a principal there for years. People like that impress me. And when they don't give up even from a stroke, more power to them. Say happy belated birthday to your brother-in-law from a complete stranger. Hehe.

My mother gave each of her children a framed poem for their confirmations. The one you cited here was my sister's. It's so very pretty. Mine was "Lyset," by Haldis Moren Vesaas. I love Vesaas and Hauge a lot. Nice translation. Although I always thought "våg" meant wave, not harbour. I guess it can mean both. :)

Terry said...

oh this picture of terje, you can see his inward beauty and dignity flowing out...oh to have such a great brother in law!
this poem needed to be written here especially for him while he can see it and enjoy it...
he is truly a great gentleman felisol and the little princess must love him so much!...happy birthday to terry

Felisol said...

Dear Terry,
Terje is married to Gunnar's sister. That makes him Gunnar's brother in law and my brother in love. Those are your words, I believe.
From Felisol

Jada's Gigi said...

What a beautiful poem and tribute to your brother in law

Crown of Beauty said...

What a lovely post and picture. Send him greetings from me. He must be such a brave man... still a lot of years to live well.

I admire him.

The poem you shared is a beautiful one indeed!


Jim said...

Happy Birthday Terje!
Happy Birthday Terje!
Happy Birthday Terje!
Happy Birthday Terje!
Happy Birthday Terje!
Happy Birthday Terje!
Happy Birthday Terje!
Happy Birthday Terje!
Happy Birthday Terje!
Happy Birthday Terje!
Happy Birthday To You!

Felisol knows that is all the better I can sing. She will tell you why.
I am sorry that I got here late. There is no excuse, I am sorry. I have been late for a lot lately.

Mrs. Mac said...

A man of many good accomplishments, your brother in law Terje. He is a witness even in his tribulation. My best Happy Birthday wishes to him.

Crown of Beauty said...

I have re read this beautiful poem. May I ask permission to include it in my latest post? It fits beautifully into the theme of my post.