Friday, July 15, 2011

High Summer

Somehow the lavender has had a good summer. Maybe because it's a late bloomer?

The chives are still alive and kicking, even after the hardest snail attack.
My rhubarb has not been harvested. I need something rich to look at.
The thyme is barely alive after king winter's gruesome garden slaugther in March.
Black frost is lethal this far north. The red currants are about to ripen.

Today's the third sunny day in a row. Record. A bit cold though, I've got to wear my garden gnom jacket about 8 p.m. The black currants are also looking promising.

The table is made by Gunnar and has endured 18 Nordic outdoor winters.
Now it's serving wine and roses.


She's standing by the rhododendrons
Where the roses are in bloom
Looking out at the Atlantic ocean
And in her head she hums this tune

Thank God the dark nights are drawing in again
cos high summer has got me down
Can we wait till the end of august
And get off this merry-go-round

I don't agree with Van Morrison, but I kind of like his words & music.


Mrs. Mac said...

Not a cloud in the sky! Just beautiful. Speaking of snails .. yesterday I made the most beautiful salad .. picking by hand the lettuce from the garden .. carefully observing to see if I brought in any slugs .. washing .. patting it dry .. chopping and mixing with herbs and balsamic/olive oil dressing .. then I saw something m o v e in the bowl .. a small slug .. so I reexamined the salad and served it up not telling the family ;) Gave me the chills.

Colleen said...

Dear Felisol, I have missed you!:) You have a beautiful garden and it looks as though you truly enjoy it as well. I love how abundant your lavender plant is! I wish you many more beautiful and sunny (isn't that the important thing for us here in Norway?!:) days my friend.

Felisol said...

Oh, I don't care about the small ones, I just thumb them down.
It's the two thumbs Iberian murder snails I am war-faring against.
They have almost no natural enemies this far north, but are eating half a garden in a night.
Luckily we may have gotten new lodgers; hedgehogs. They are about the only ones who can digest these slimy creeps.

Felisol said...

Hi, Colleen,
Nice seeing you again.
Yes, the sun truly makes all the difference.
No wonder our forefathers worshipped the sun.

John Cowart said...

Hi Felisol,

Reading in the garden, even if you have to wear a jacket in July, must be a rare pleasure.

The textured wood in photo four offsets the wine glass beautifully.

John Cowart

Roan said...

It's nice to see there isn't any rain in your photographs today. The lavender is beautiful. Love the way that shot is framed. Hope this means you will have a few beautiful days to make up for all those cloudy days.

Amrita said...

This looks like our winter garden. We can enjoy the outdoors too.

May the sun shine warmly on you and all the vegetation in your garden.