Saturday, July 16, 2011


Exodus 14:14 The LORD will fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace.
(Hebrew Bible in English.)

It takes great self-control to unwillingly be in a "combat zone", have the most evil and poison weapons at hand, and still be told to hold my peace.
Serina uses to say, "It's a good thing Norway has such a strict fire arm control, mamma. If you had a gun, you would have used it."

Oh, how she has revealed my weaknesses over and over again.
The Almighty knows me even better, and in some funny, unreasonable way He loves me after all. He has created me, He knows I am dust, and He still cares, even to counting every hair on my head.

Now He has told me, He'll do the fighting and I shall hold my peace.
I clearly can see, there's a lot of praying ahead.
Peace be with us all.

Isaiah 48: 18 Oh that thou wouldest hearken to My commandments! then would thy peace be as a river, and thy righteousness as the waves of the sea;


Debbie Petras said...

It can be so tempting to take matters into our own hands. I love when justice is served. But in God's economy many things are upside down. He uses the weak, the downtrodden, the poor and what we would call useless. How thankful I am that He does His work in me and through me. But I can easily get in His way with my thoughts, my desires, my judgment. You're not alone here Felisol. But I think it's good you have your daughter to remind you gently.


Mrs. Mac said...

Isaiah 48:18 is a good verse to bring comfort and we can all learn from it. And .. evil still runs rampant with all sorts of poison weapons blazing. God holds all power .. yet Satan whispers in the ears of men they can be like God and they take the bait. May the prayers of the believers stir the heart of God to take pity on His creation and deliver us from ourselves. Praying with you for peace .. but keeping one eye open for the enemy.

Roan said...

An excellent message to go along with a beautiful picture. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

steveroni said...

God loves me in some funny, unreasonable way. Like a beginning violinist love his violin, even though it does not yet sound very good...UGH!

You Peeps make such GOOD sense, especially when you're quoting the bible--grin!!!!! Thank you for ALL of your reminders.


Crown of Beauty said...

My dear Felisol,
The picture you posted is so peaceful, even if you heart is not, I trust that God's peace will envelop you this week and the days to come.

I also looked at your previous posts - everything looks beautiful. The garden touches me so.

Blessings of peace be with you today, dear friend.


steveroni said...

There is a saying here, not good English...but the meaning is what matters: "GOD DIDN'T MAKE NO JUNK!"


(I might have commented earlier --if so, please forgive--grin!) said...

Sometimes it is hard to remember that God loves us so... I am also not one of those naturally quiet and gentle spirits Felisol... I think He has a way of smoothing my edges, and teaching me that He is indeed God and in control. And of course, our children know us very well, and it sounds like Serina has her own way with words. :) She probably is able to make you laugh at the same time she is commenting.

The picture is so beautiful. Did you take that? It must be somewhere in Norway. It's a good way to end this day...


Felisol said...

I am happy if I "sound"reasonable when I'm quoting the Good Book. That coming from a musician is quite a complement.
I love my Good Book more than any other book, and have never doubted what I would bring with me on a desert island.

Serina has her own way of pin pointing things with a smile and a hug to follow.
It's a wonderful thing; to by told the truth in right time of a person you know, would never harm, only help you.. (me)

Some lessons it takes a life time to learn.
I have been the one with the battle cry so often, from I was 4 actually,so it takes some time to remember, this time I can lay down my arms and let God fight.

(What happened when I was four? My mother was rightfully frightened by something my little three year old had done. When one is really frightened, one tend to not judge rationally, but going back on autopilot. My Mom's resolution back in 1953 was that my brother needed a good spanking (from my father, who was still not home from the office). Lots of talking when he came home and I was locked out from the kitchen, to stay in the living room when the spanking was to take place.
I went in black. I shook and knocked the door, and cried "Inga, Arne do not touch the boy!"
They somehow came to their senses, the spanking was called off, and my Dad held me gently in my arms till I stopped crying.

This was the first and last time that spanking came up in my childhood.

Nevertheless, as a bi-product, this taught me never to be afraid of speaking out.

Now I've also got to learn to be still and let the Lord do the fighting.
I am praying that I soon can see the end of it, and be left in and with peace.

Amrita said...

You are a choosen child of Go d Felisol, no weapon formed against you will prosper. I stand in this promise too.

The battle belongs to the Lord.

Last week ended with a tussle, the Lord won, as always