Monday, July 11, 2011


This June we had 200 % more rain than the average Junes.
July doesn't seem to become better.
These pictures were taken on our terrace at 06 a.m. Sunday morning.
I rest my case.

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steveroni said...

When it pours?

In Naples (US) we either have more than...or none. What is...IS!

WE Peeps may one day become extinct. But the EARTH will spin on, hot or cold with inhabitants young or old...

(I may should have left out my 'opinion', but again--what is....

PEACE! The sun WILL someday... shine again!

Leora said...

Beautiful colors, beautiful photos.

I'm sure your garden is enjoying.

Kim, USA said...

We had rain today. Like these shots!! ^_^
Barn & Cherries are red

Terry said...

dear felisol..i love the rain and i love the way you have captured the rain in these pictures. summer rain isn't so is warm!
we had a record rain fall this year too in the early months of spring.
there is a very bad cherry crop this year and the corn and wheat fields were so soaked that they are way behind in their growth.
i hear that saskatchewan is having bad floods was such a sad sight last year when we were travelling the trans canada highway through sask to see that there were so many farms that were for sale..the farmers just couldn't take it anymore and had all but given sad!
well have a good but damp ruby tuesday! terry

Liz said...

Beautiful shots.

Moms...Check Nyo

Felisol said...

Steve E,
I like people with meanings, and I like to hear what they've got to say.
How can I else learn and develop.
Keep'em coming.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

OK, you've convinced me: It's WET where you are!!!


Give me red ribbon to tie in my hair,
Not yellow or purple or green;
But burgundy, chestnut, carmine or rose—
These are the colors with sheen!

Give me red ribbon to tie in my hair,
Not saffron or opal or blue;
But fuchsia, magenta, ruby or blush—
Something of sanguinous hue!

Give me red ribbon to tie in my hair,
Not indigo, azure or grey;
But scarlet, vermilion, dahlia or pink—
Colors like these make my day!

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Narrow Red Alley

Roan said...

Now that is rain! I think you need a break. We had a lot in the spring, but now that it's hot, we're not getting any. Gorgeous shots, as well!

Ralph said...

The rain seems excessive in a land where sea mists rule. In the USA, after a long spell of hot weather, the rains at least cool things down. In lovely Norway, where the summer is shorter, we all wish you to have lots of sunny days...

But your views show a beauty to the persistent rains. Nonetheless, we all hope for you and yours lots of blue sky and much solar brilliance!

Saija said...

oh dear ... our spring was like that ... but now summer has been 28C most of the time ... really lovely ... i hear finland has had the same warm stuff ...

nice to see your pictures - i always enjoy them ...

(hugs) and thank you for the enouragement you send our way ... it is so appreciated!

eastcoastlife said...

The weather is getting unpredictable each year. We have floods for the past 2 years consecutively when torrential rain damaged our tourist shopping belt. It was never seen for 50 years.
Our government is spending millions to improve on our drainage system. I hope it will solve the problem.

Maria @ LSS said...

Great capture of the rain. Happy RT!

Mine's here.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Nice shots, sorry about the rain!

Please take a peek at my Ruby Tuesday, thank you!, sorry about the rain.

John Cowart said...

Hi Felisol,

The beads of rain on those glasses capture beauty! One of your best photos yet.

Regarding the comment you left about my refrigerator posting earlier this week:

You asked about people judging you: "I feel condemned by people, who have no right to condemn me, but they do. They see the black, filthy stains in my old fridge and show that they are appalled. It’s none of their business, but they feel free to pass judges and I am ashamed".

My thoughts turn to the Scripture where Jesus said that if someone strikes me on the right cheek, I am to turn to him the other also.

The person is not trying to knock my teeth out, but to give me an insulting slap in the face. Therefore, I think I am to absorb insults without trying to justify myself.

Think of a pillow--no matter how hard you hit it, it will not break. It keeps its shape.
It is not damaged.

On a more practical level, when someone shows they are appalled at the black stains, agree that it needs cleaning, thank them for calling it to your attention, hand them a rag and say, "Yes, that really needs cleaning; thanks so much for offering to help me".

John Cowart

Felisol said...

Dear John C,
I suck at metaphors, but nevertheless I will try.
Say you showed me your stained refrigerator and afterwards gave me the blame for them. a Norwegian expression "Pee your pants and blame in on me."
Even so, I'm working with my anger and embarrassment, I just have too.
Jesus shorted all commandment down to two.
The second being John 15:17 "This is my command: Love each other."

It's not done in a moment, but I know it's the only way to go, and I intend to do so.
Yours Felisol

Jim said...

Hi Felisol ~~ Your rain looks good. Even pretty against the colored objects. Did it fill those glasses or were they under an eve or a spout? We are very lacking of rain here in Texas. Others have too much..
Im not playing Ruby Tuesday. You alway do a great job with yours. I enjoy checking them out.
We still have our Norweigen coastal cruise to do. We have looked into the Hurtigruten.

Mrs. Mac said...

I bet the land is very green. 200% is so much above normal that it must be some sort of record (yes/no)? Your pictures look so refreshing. Praying that you have a little bit of summer .. soon.

Hugs ..

Terry said...

dear felisol..i have been so busy this evening but i kept thinking of john cowart's comment.quote;"I feel condemned by people, who have no right to condemn me, but they do. They see the black, filthy stains in my old fridge and show that they are appalled. It’s none of their business, but they feel free to pass judges and I am ashamed".unquote

those people who do such condemning have certainly never read your blog to see what a great fellow he is..always a friend to you, felisol
and an encouragment to your friends, as we read his always nice comments.
i don't feel so forgiving as john..if i was there and heard anyone condemning him in any way, i am afraid to tell you my dearest friend that i would pop them right on the nose!...for shame on them!
love terry

i really liked your responding comment are quite the girl yourself! how are you at popping people in the nose???

Felisol said...

Dear Jim,
The glasses were filled within a few hours by rain only.
I've actually never travelled with Hurtigruten myself. It's simply too expensive.
Rich Americans and Japanese are the best costumers. I think there are actually waiting lists in Summertime.
They all want to experience the wonderful midnight sun. Hurtigruten (Rapid Route)is a really a slow boat, and also actually primarily a boat for locals. The food is 5 stars, prize and quality. It's not a cruise boat; it's a boat where you can feel Norway's slow, but steady pulse and find tranquillity in the beauty of scenery, the rhythm of the sea, rolling, rolling, rolling.
Bring some good books, your iPod and your best camera; I guaranty you an experience for life.

Dear Mrs. Mac,
You are right, it's green all over, even the wooden terrace and the concrete basement are green.
We have had two days of sun in a row. Hallelujah.
Life is good and the rainy days forgotten for the moment.
"If your eye is light, your whole body is light".

Dear Terry,
How am I popping people in the nose??
I try not to, honestly, I do.
My honesty may be provoking though.

Love each other is both a commandment and my mantra.
Thanks for spreading love all across the sea and into my heart.

Jada's Gigi said...

so sorry! the weather this year does seem to be a bit more dramatic than usual doesn't it?

Terry said...

dear felisol..i have never in my life popped anyone in the nose...not to say i havn't felt like it on occasion.
take that bernie for instance..more than once he has surely deserved a pop in the nose... only thing is though, he would probably pop ME in the nose right back..haha! terry

Amrita said...

Your photography i s amzing Felisol.

We had quite a bit of rain an d now nothing so its hot an d humid now

Annie Jeffries said...

That is some downpour from your porch eaves. I love sitting under rain like that in the outside setting of my patio. Feels so good and smells even better.