Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hands up for The Hallelujah Chorus - live at Handel On The Street - Apri...

Georg Friedrich Handel suffered a severe brain stroke April 13th 1737.
Through several wonders he managed to recover from paralysis and also retrieve his creative powers again.

Only to dump down into deep depression caused by lack of success, lack of money, and adversities among the musicians. His creative vein had drained out, he felt.
"Oh, why, Lord, why did you save me, just to let me down as a failure?" he asked. He was delivered a new script as he lay bedridden, but he hardly bothered to open it. When he finally did, in the middle of the night, his inner shutters were flung wide open. He found the Messiah. All the familiars prophesies collected into one huge masterpiece.

April 13th 1742, 270 years ago, the premier performance was held in Dublin. Great success. Handel was reborn.

He wouldn't receive money for his masterpiece, but gave it to charity.
To prisons and hospitals. "I was ill, but was cured. I was a prisoner, but was set free", he said.
Towards the end of his life Handel became blind. He still conducted.
For the last time he stood on the stage, waving, "The trumpets shall sound".
He fell down and said, "I hope I die on Good Friday."
The year was 1859 and Good Friday fell on April 13th.
Handel had twice experienced resurrection on earth that very date, now he waited the third resurrection in heaven.

Yesterday was Friday April 13th, and daughter Serina was present to celebrate "Handel on the Streets" in Dublin. She was overwhelmed. The video was made two years ago.


Mrs. Mac said...

I thank you for the history lesson. What an awesome treat for Serina to witness such a grand performance singing praise to the King of Kings. said...

ituric bjechanDear Felisol:

I AM OVERWHELMED TOO! What an amazing story and gifted piece of music. It will always be one of my very favorites. How wonderful for Serina to be there and hear that. I am so glad you shared this.

I have caught up on your blogs on the Lord's Prayer and they are so meaningful and beautifully said.

We are waiting any moment to go to our son and dil, as she has begun labor, and we wait for Gracie!

I've missed visiting with you during these weeks, but think of you often and am so thankful for Felisol.


Roan said...

Loved the video and lucky daughter. Sounds like she is enjoying her stay.

Amrita said...

What a witness and Hanel left it for prosterity to enjoy and celebrate.

Who can tewll that a man almost at the bbrink of despair composed such joy.

Thi s is real insiration.

My adopted sister , husband and son paid me a short weekend visit, now I catching up with my blogg friends.

❀~Myrna~❀ said...

I knew more but not all, great info.
I love the video !Wonderful that Serina was there this year!

Jim said...

Thank you for posting this, Felisol. Serina was very fortunate for getting to hear them. They are great! I was trying to place the street where they sang.

I did see in the credits that the Temple Bar was sponsoring that. We went in there as tourists but didn't buy anything. We did take a couple of pictures inside and also several outside.

Found out. The Contemporary Music Centre‎ is in the old Kennan & Sons building from which they are singing in front of on 19 Fishamble Street. That is just a short walk away from the Temple Bar. The whole area is now called Temple Bar.

Felisol said...

Dear Jim,
You are right. Temple Bar District is mostly filled with bars, restaurants and also this place which used to be a church. We visited some years ago. The outdoor singing is near to the GF Handel Hotel. Dublin takes good care of her heroes.
In the crypt of Christ Church the original sheet music for The Messiah is displayed.
We were there too!
I think I'll stand next to you when we shall perform the great Hallelujah in the heavenly choir.
That'll be the day!

Terry said...

dear felisol..what a joyous people!
just to think that mr. handel probably wouldn't of have been able to write this if he hadn't of gone through such deep is another quote of his felisol.. "Whether I was in my body or out of my body as I wrote it I know not. God knows".
it just seems that he gives all of the glory to god to whom it really belongs..
felisol, i love the way the singers are raising their arms and hands to heaven as they are praising the lord!..i wonder if they are singing this hymn in heaven too... because it is surely a creation of god...won't that sound good when we are all up their joining the millions upon millions of the saints of god proclaiming jesus as the king!!!

you have brought much joy to my heart today felisol....and now i must say farewell for now as i have to go the clinic and get my pace maker checked...oh they will wonder why my heart is racing, eh?...listening to such a wonderful hymn this early in the morning!
i love you terry