Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Carols # 15

This carol was written in 1992, but has already become a dear contribution to our treasure of Carols. Sung on TV and in churches, in schools and kndergartens.
That is what I like about about our Christmas songs, they are a living phenomenon, midst among us. As long as the gospel is living, new songs will be written and keep the words and content alive. Christmas celebration may be a tradition, but it's also much more. It's the beating heart of Norway, performed everywhere in November/ December.


Saija said...

that's a lovely song ... and i hope the songs and spirit of this season will be like a warm hug from our Heavenly Father to you all - as your mom celebrates her first Christmas with THE ONE who came ... (hugs)

Terry said...

dear seems like each christmas carol post is better and better...i listened to this one twice and then i had to listen to 'I surrender all"...and it was so lovely when the whole audience joined in and made the hymn so triumphant!...i felt just like i was there felisol.
in the first hymn, as i listened to the singing and watched the gentle hands skimming along on the piano, and read the english, i felt just like i was sitting with my norwegian family and i longed for the day when it will be so that we will all meet in heaven and be singing all together! terry

steveroni said...

SO full of Peace and Love. And is it not what happened on that first Christmas night?

Choirs of Angels sung: Peace and Good Will to all.......

Thank you, Felisol