Saturday, December 15, 2012

Norwegian Christmas Carols # 14

We have an abundance of Christmas carols needed to be sung at Yuletide.
One is standing out among the hundreds and that is "Deilig er jorden ", meaning "The Earth is wonderful".
Whereeveer this song is performed, the whole assembly will automatically raise and join in.
Like today at my aunt Aase's funeral.
"Generations will follow generations, but the song about the Eternal Savior born in Bethlehem shall never be silenced."


Annie Jeffries said...

Dropping in again to say hello, Elise. The music is so lovely. Perfect for the time of year and all year, in fact. Thinking of you and your loved ones.

Terry said...

oh beautiful this is!
not just the singing but the beaming faces of the singers!..jesus inside of their hearts and just flowing out from their faces...the choir, the audience and even the smiling violinist! that guy!!! even behind his glasses, you can see the twinkle!
i had to watch the video of your beautiful princess martha louise too.
felisol...what a glowing christian she is!
felisol, how like the lord to call your mom home in this season, leaving you not to grieve so much as he reminds you what singing and joy that she is in and even letting you share this joy in this lovely christmas music...i mean if this norwegian christmas carols sung by so many voices sounds so great, imagine my dearest of all my friends, how heaven must be sounding at this moment!!...and your mom and dad just joining right in!
and thank you for spreading joy to all of us your friends and sisters we love terry

Mrs. Mac said...

Wonderful Counselor, Jesus; all praise and glory now and forever.

Life and Breath and Everything Else said...

I'm continually blessed and encouraged in the faith by you. God bless you.