Saturday, March 10, 2007


Girls should love their fathers, and possibly also be closest bonded to them.

Mothers, me included, have this never ending bad habit mixture of anxiety, grooming and life-educating their daughters.
There's one thing though, that mothers and daughters understand better than any father.
That's the sober,infinite joy of shopping.

My daughter and I have shared unforgettable moments, or more likely hours, peeking, negotiating and making some excellent deals in auctions, street-markets, flee-markets and bazaars home and abroad.

Flirting, chit-chatting, and, wow, the victorious feeling of making a really big scoop leaving all our savings to the laughing salesman.

The funny thing though, we have been nicely treated at Harrods as well as in the bazaars of emperor Julian in Istanbul, even if we did not buy

much at the first place.

We are often frequenting local flee -markets for charity organisations.
That way we are able to make super bargains for a good cause.
I don't quite know if the Lord agrees to that. But there's also the aspect of recycling. And that is needed in our spend and throw away town.

I felt like a million dollars, spending a few dimes at the Salvation Army's second hand shop, wearing Prada, Gucci and YSL...
Only yesterday Serina found a perfect fit, tailor made, black dress and a gold purse to go with it. I waved my brand new, black Versace jeans over my head as we returned from our nesting tour.


Unknown said...

Takker De!!

For both comments.

I'll be back:-)

Unknown said...


Takker De meget mye. Det er en stor kompliment.

Jeg tror De er en av den få som har leser mest (om ikke all) av min blog.

Selvfølgelig De føler seg fri bruke min lyrikk. Jeg ærer.

De er kopi-skrevet i min navn vise seg original eiendomsrett, da jeg plasserer dem i en bok. Alt på min sted som jeg ønsker publisere, eller det allerede publiserer er allerede under copyright.

Noe som helst som er ikke, De bruker på i noe måte De ønsker. Noe som helst som er, De bruker på i noe måte De ønsker så lang som annen folk vet det har en copyright. Jeg ikke trenger kreditt, akkurat eiendomsretten av det.

Er godt, min venn.



Thank you very much. That is a great compliment.

I believe you are one of the few who has read most (if not all) of my blog.

Of course you may feel free to use my poetry. I am honored.

They are copy-written in my name to prove original ownership, as I will be placing them in a book.
Everything on my site that I wish to publish, or that has already been published is already under copyright.

Anything that is not, you may use in any way you wish. Anything that is, you may use in any way you wish as long as other people know it has a copyright. I don’t need credit, just the ownership of it.

Be well, my friend.


Unknown said...

No need to wait my friend. Use them wherever and whenever you like:-)

Unknown said...

Thanks my friend:-)

I will be fine.