Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Being is belonging. Either you are part of a web, or caught in one.
In my nightmares I am nothing, but a helpless prisoner.
I pray to God that my worst dreams prove to be just that.

The tiny weaver making such an intricate pattern.
So strong and captive, and yet so fragile.
Just like life itself.

So hard to mend when a thread is broken.

Norwegian spiders have no poison in them.
They just keep on making these wonderful works of art to survive.

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Terry said...

Dear Felisol..Oh!!.. I have been going through your blog and what outstanding pictures you have
Wow..this web! It looks like a finely crocheted doily washed clean and hung up to dry!

I have never been afraid of spiders and it bothers me to no end when people cruelly squash them under foot.
There is no call for that!

I must admit that on occasion when the webs have built up outside my client's kitchen window and blocked our view I just had to take a broom and sweep them all away, but I would be ever so gentle as to not harm any of the spiders.
They would be just homeless until they spun themselves a new mansion that's all!!

Have a blessed Sunday my new friend and I will try and do some more browsing on Monday....with Christian love, Terry

I like nature pictures but my favorite pictures are "people" pictures!
You daughter has such beautiful hair!