Sunday, November 30, 2008

First Sunday Of Advent

  1. The first Sunday of Advent I still think I've got plenty of time..
Yesterday Gunnar was in the attic, bumping down 12 boxes of old and worn Christmas decorations.
The calendar made by my Mom, my brother and me back in 1956, it's so fragile, I don't dare to iron it. Mom let us choose patterns from an old embroidery book. The lilac rabbit was my brother's idea. He loved all kinds of animals with a rare passion. It was added to the calendar with x stitches under my wild protests. Now I have an especial weak spot for exact that little rabbit.
In the small pockets little bits of fudge or chocolate were carefully wrapped and stuck in. We were to open one every other day. I always got the even numbers, since my birthday is an even number in December.
Serina had the calender all to her self for 19 years.
Now she's got the replica my Mom made for me in 1969, my first advent away from home.
I made her 12 parcels and 12 words of wisdom to go in the first 12 pockets.
Then, if God will, she'll be home for Christmas vacation.
It is a good thing for young and old to return to their birthplaces, "their city of David".

This song about The Star of Bethlehem was about the first song I tried to teach my class, as a teacher's substitute, age 18.


Amrita said...

That is awesome Felisol. Your family keep safes are so precious. I really like these heartwarming traditions and now Serina has a similar memory to keep with her. You are such family oriented people, i really appreciate that. In this fast moving, dod eat dog world. This is what matters.LOVE

Sue Seibert said...

Beautiful. Especially the family tradition. I have found an interactive Advent Calendar here:

Felisol said...

Dear Amrita,
I so level with you on this topic.
Life is not about money nor great achievements. It's the little things that count and make the world a better place.
It all gets so easy when we have the same goal.
In fact that is going to be the theme for my Christmas crib.
People coming from the ends of the earth to worship.
People who's goal is heaven.

Dear Sioux Sue,
Nice that you too are for keeping family traditions.
I'll look up your Avdvent Calendar place as soon as I get time.
We have been to the most beautiful eveining song in our churs\ch, and now I must get my Christmas crib up.

Hugs from Felisol

Renae said...

My kids made home-made Advent calendars last week, but they are just made of paper and cardboard and will only last for this year. I think I may use yours for a pattern and make a more permanent one for next year! It is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it.