Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Finally they're here; the five newborn wonders of Ms Kitty. She's such a confident and proud Mom. Her little ones are weening, but their Mom is purring the moment we enter the downstairs bathroom; for the time being the nursery.
Some smell, I have to admit that, but we are doing or best venting without getting draft in the kitties' room.
I am totally amazed by the wonder of God and nature, and am so hoping for the best for these little fur balls. Photo Gunnar.


Crown of Beauty said...

Congratulations to your brother on his 60th birthday, and... I am sure you enjoyed the time you spent with your only sibling.

Congratulations too to your new furry grandchildren. I am sure they will soon grow up to be loveable and frisky furballs.

Loved the photos!


Amrita said...

Oh the fur babies are so tiny and cute. Soon they wil start mewing and crawling around.

Gattina said...

Cute picture, but poor cat ! As a cat lover I alway tell people to have their cats spayed. There or too many around and then badly treated and it's hard to find good homes for such a lot of kittens.

John Cowart said...

Yes indeed. Those are definitely cats.

Very adequate kittens.

I hope they bring you the joy you want--shame they couldn't be dogs.


Felisol said...

Dder Gattina,
We have always have our cats spayed. This cat, Ms Kitty adopted us, and we couldn't do anything until we had searched thoroughly for her previous owners. She was obviously house trained.After we had set up posters, advertised in the newspaper and local radio, it was too late. She was pregnant, and there was nothing for us to do than to do the best out of the situation. Ms Kitty is such a wonderful cat,loving a 100% clean and very intelligent.
We will do our very best to find descent families for the kitties. I hope and pray that we will succeed. If not, we will never abandon the kittens and let them loose on their own. That is a malicious and irresponsible thing to do. we are not that kind of persons.

Mrs. Mac said...

For some unknown computer reason .. some pictures are not showing up on my pc (even on my own blog .. except if I view them from my iPhone .. so I will have to take your word that the kittens are adorable. If I lived closer to you .. I'd adopt one of the fur balls :) Your mommy cat must be so proud of her wee ones .. and purrrrs her heart content to show you how she's a good caretaker.

Terry said...

oh felisol!...we are at mom and dad goldens' now and this is the first i saw this new family picture!...and dad golden is laughing and mom golden is sighing!
i hope that gunnar doesn't mind but bernie told me to put the portrait on mom golden's computer desk top....maybe when we come to norway, we can sneak one home!..haha!...love terry

Terry said...

ha!! that john seems to b a dog person!
but it is nice that he speaks well of the kitties!!
i hope these cats will bring you the joy that you bring us felisol love terry

Maria Stahl said...

How are the kittens doing? Their mother looks like a toy, not a real cat. :) Very sweet.

I hope some of them have long fur like their mother.