Wednesday, March 09, 2011


The Peter Pan statue in Kensington Garden was one of the "must see" places for this trip. Somehow I'd never seen it before, but it's one of Serina's absolute favorite places. I wanted to share her joy.
J M Barrie, the author of Peter Pan lived near by Kensington Garden and did give this fabulous art nouveau statue to the children of London.
I do recommend people to take time and enter the magic world of the Serpentine,the fountains, the swans, ducks, squirrels, Diana, Princess of Wales' playground,snowdrops, daffodils and last. but not least the fairytale of Peter Pan.
As you will see, some tender soul had placed a crystal bowl with a pine shoot to feed the squirrel. I bet it will remain there in peace for quite a while.

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ruthi said...

awesome shot. thanks for sharing.ra

Leora said...

Sounds like a delightful place to visit. Love fairy-like places. said...

No wonder Serina loves it! It enlarges our minds and our hearts to see such beauty. Your pictures are the next best thing for me!!

Hope your weather in Norway is beginning to break into the end of winter and start thinkg toward spring. Oh how I love your land Felisol!! :)

Annie Jeffries said...

Hello, Elise. I've been away for a while but am now catching up. Love this statue. I would love to return to London with unlimited time.

Amrita said...

I am putting away my winter clothes and came to visit you too.The daytime temp is in the high 20 - (mid 80s) your post brought freshness to my evening Felisol.

The magic and charm of Peter Pan is ageless.It relives the days of my childhood.

anemonen said...

Awesome photo. Lovely endeed.