Tuesday, December 09, 2008


In the dark Nordic nights we sing about the star, leading us the Bethlehem. The star has become an important symbol and also a reality in our Advent celebration.
We call it a leading star.
We all try to be followers of that very star.
Our Bethlehem star was given me by best friend Turid 20 years ago. I was "attacked" by the ME December forth. Turid came up and saw to me.
She also noticed I had not hung any lights or star in our windows.
Serina must have have a Bethlehem star, you know. She instructed me. (Serina was but eight months old).My friend made me forget my misery and focus on the important.

At my birthplace was this huge Union Carbide melting factory the main industry. The workers had a rough and to times brutal place of earning their daily bread. Every year some would risk life and limbs and enter the top of the high Gentry crane, walk on the icy, slippery steel bars to decorate a Christmas tree.
It would enlighten the small town, symbol of hope and also courage .

our old star reflects in every window in the living room.

Norway's princess Martha singing about the star shining in Bethlehem this magic night of Jesu' birth.


John Cowart said...

"A Leading Star"-- what a lovely turn of phrase; I've never heard of it referred to that way before.

Recently I noticed that God led the Wise Men in four ways: the physical star, through their consulting the elders, their consulting the Scripture, and the dream that sent them home another way. I'd never noticed any of that before.

I love your star high atop the crane.

Felisol said...

Dear John C,
I guess in Norway, with heavy darkness wintertime and its spread population, one are more used to navigate after stars.
The phrase "Leading Star" is used in an old Christmas Carol and is common knowledge.

While writng I come to think most of our Christmas Carols also refer to what we call The Bethlehem Star.

Hubby was also impress by the genuine observation of the moon and planet Venus and Jupiter outside your kitchen door.

We usually go up in what we call upper garden. There's a wonderful view. Haven't seen Aurora Borealis this side of summer.
Weather has been to mild.

I've never actually thought about how many ways God led the three Wise Men.
You are right of course.
God showed them where to go and what to do in many wonderful ways.
Their major wisdom was that they humiliate and followed their Leader.
Imagine what a belief it must have taken for these rich and scholar men to wander from the ends of the known earth and worship a child in a stable.
From Felisol

Constance said...

Stars are such a beauty to see when you are out on a clear night and the heavens are outstretched before you.

Stars were a guide for the explorers and adventurers of old; crossing watery seas or oceans of vast prairies to find their way.

A star guided the Wise Men to lay gifts and worship the Child born to redeem all of mankind.

It just doesn't seem like Christmas without a star to remind us of the Light of the World!


Felisol said...

Dear Connie,
You are right. Of course the first settlers needed help to navigate over the prairie too. never thought of that.
As a scout I learned how to use a compass and also find the Polar Star (North Star).
The sailors had to know their star map as well.
In the song I'll post tomorrow, we sing the the word of God is our Leading Star.
From Felisol

Jim said...

Hi Felisol, your Ruby Reds are always so elegant! This one was really nice, thank you.
When you come to the states again be sure to visit us at Texas. I can get you a ride in one of those old cars or trucks, Gunar too. My friend has a tan 1937 Ford pickup that Herb had restored before doing the red one.
I switched/updated to the new Norton 360. It doesn't hang the computers up so badly or slow them down as much as the old Norton I was using.
Besides my subscription was up for renewal and we can run three computers on it. :-)

Jim said...

Back again with a note, not really a comment that should be put on.
The new lap top has Windows Vista and lots of memory.
It loads your blog very nicely, my old one didn't have enough memory the way I had it set. That was partyly why I didn't visit as often as I wanted to check in on you guys.
It might help people with limited computing capacity and the ones with dial-up if you would display only a week or two of posts at a time.
Just a thought, Jim

Amrita said...

Like always Felisol you like to preserve old things andshare with us the memories attached with them. Turid is a very thoughtful and faithful friend to have cheered you with a star. She brought light into your life.

Debbie Petras said...

I really enjoyed the video ... and Princess Martha is beautiful! I love the idea of the star being a symbol of hope.

Isn't if funny how little children can say and do the sweetest things? Your friend's little one is very wise and it sounds like she helped you.

I hope you got some sleep Felisol. Hugs to you!!

Felisol said...

Dear Jim,
there will be some changes made real soon.
Serina will have to help me out though.
Gunnar is busy outdoor decorating the house...

Dear Amrita,
Turid has been of invaluable help and comfort in my life.
I hope I mean something to her as well.
True friends are priceless.

Dear Debbie,
My daughter too is of course the apple of my eye.
A unique and sharing person always ready with an unforgettable remark.

From Felisol

John Cowart said...

Hi Felisol,

Thanks for your comment on my "Happy Happenings" post.

I think the Leo Tolstoy story you want to read is titled "Where Love is, There God Is Also". You can find the text at

Hope that's the one you're looking for.


Felisol said...

Dear John C.
Thank you for helping me out.
This story was just the thing I wanted to share for to day.
Hugs from Felisol