Monday, December 08, 2008


Ruby Tuesday
Originated by MaryT, check hers for today.
The decoration job is almost done. Only thing missing now is the outdoor lights.
My nisse collection is mostly placed in our reading room this year. About thirty years of nisse creations are assembled. Nisses like company.
They usually live in a barn (read: attic), but by juletime they are all over the place.

Last year the nisse family occupied the living room. Darling daughter now has used the trunks for moving goods.
How young we once were. These nisse mom and dad have found new homes. Most fun is creating.
The nisse grandmom I made of cernite and wool.
Her skirt is my old eskmo hood..

I made this pair for my Mom some 10-15 years ago. They have a wonderful Christmas home in Sauda.

The moral in the Children's TV show "Christmas on Blue mountain" is that the blue and the red nisses are of equal worth and must learn to share and live in peace.

Serina has made at least ten of ten nisse assembly. Some mineater are elsewhere. My Mom has knitten three and porcelain painted three.
The nisse in command has a sweater that My Mom knitted for me at the age of 2. Serina wore it for one winter, and then on a nisse craft evening the jumper became the nisse.
Double click to enlarge.
On the barn is nissen
Margrethe Munthe (1860-1931) Margrethe Munthe (1860-1931)

På låven sitter nissen med sin julegrøt, On the barn is nissen with his Julegrøten,
så god og søt, så god og søt. so good and sweet, so good and sweet.
Han nikker, og han smiler, og han er så glad, He Nikken, and he smiles, and he is so happy,
for julegrøten vil han gjerne ha. for Julegrøten he would like to have.
Men rundt omkring står alle de små rotter, But all around are all the young rats,
og de skotter, og de skotter. and the Scots and the Scots.
De vil også gjerne ha litt julegotter, They would also like to have some julegotter,
og de danser, danser rundt i ring. and the dancer, dancing around the ring.

Men nissen, se han truer med sin store skje: But nissen, see he threatens his store happen:
"Nei, bare se og kom av sted, "No, just come and see the place,
for julegrøten min den vil jeg ha i fred, for Julegrøten my will I have in peace,
og ingen, ingen vil jeg dele med." and no, no, I want to share with. "
Men rottene de hopper, og de danser, But the rats jump, and the dancing,
og de svinser, og de svanser, and the svinser, and the Svanse,
og de klorer etter grøten, og de stanser, and the klorer after grote, and they stop,
og de står om nissen tett i ring. and they are about nissen closely in the ring.

Men nissefar, han er en liten hissigpropp, But Nissefar, he is a little spitfire,
og med sin kropp han gjør et hopp. and with his body he makes a jump.
"Jeg henter katten hvis de ikke holder opp! "I pick the cat if they do not keep up!
Når katten kommer, skal det nok bli stopp." When the cat comes, will it be enough stop. "
Da løper alle rottene så bange, Then run all the rats as Bang,
ja, så bange, ja, så bange, yes, then bang, yes, then bang,
og de svinser, og de svanser noen ganger, and the svinser, and the Svanse sometimes,
og i en, to tre så er de vekk. and in one, two three as they are away.


EG CameraGirl said...

tradition! I really like the lesson that red and blue Nissen must get along. Very good!!

~Just Me Miranda~ said...

Very cute!....Like a house full of munchkins.

Ralph said...

All these nisses add a whimsical and happy view of Advent and the upcoming Savior's birth. A happy period with these happy characters sitting excitedly while waiting for visitors. I like the grandma nisse, waiting with the pot to serve you a cup of tea. A friendly bunch indeed!

Carletta said...

Lovely tradition!
They are such wonderful little Nissens.
The video was joyous to share.

RW said...

Happy Ruby Tuesday to you! :D

MyMaracas said...

Oh these are just wonderful. And I love your reading room! These are such happy pictures.

Amrita said...

Oh wow it seems the nisses have taken over the Ljung household!!!

They look so cute, you have them in very shape and color and design.

Real collectors items and family tresures.

Robin said...

I hadn't realized they were all handmade by you and your family. How wonderfully festive, a real keepsake for future generations. Thank you for sharing your tradition with us.

Mamapippa ... said...

What a beautiful reading room. Love to read a book there !

Dianne said...

I love the Grandmom nisse!

what beautiful work you do!

Debbie Petras said...

I have a nisse too. I'm going to take a photo and share with you. You must be a reader; all those books. It looks like mine. I love to read.

BTW, I blogged today about music. I mentioned you in the post and how you brought such a smile to my face when I listened and sang along with your Norwegian music. I put a link to your blog so I hope some new people will visit you. My dad has been on your blog too but had some trouble knowing about turning off your Melanie music so he could hear the other. I tried to explain how to turn it off so hopefully he'll listen. :)

Hugs to you Felisol. I hope you had a fun birthday.

Raven said...

I'm so enjoying the nissen and learning about your traditions. I had never heard of advent candelabra before, but it wasn't until I became a Lutheran that I really heard much about Advent... or that I paid attention, anyway. Anyway, thanks for all the wonderful music and sharing of your national and family holiday celebrations. Makes me feel all festive and happy.

Kate said...

Hei , It's lovely to see the Norwegian language again, I found your site by chance, I spent nearly a year in Stavanger in 1986/7 and loved it.I did go to Norwegian classes but I'm afraid I have forgotten it all now. The only phrase I can remember is how to apologise and say Jeg kan snakke ikke Norske, can du snakke Engelsk ?? I will call again - I must admit that your chat about nisse fairly made me a bit homesick for Norway, it made such a great impression on me. A Lot of Norway is like Scotland really. I know what you mean too about nationality I am Scottish and although I speak in English I am definitely Scottish and Norway folk seemed to be the only folk who understood that and what's more they knew the difference hehe.. The sooner we gain full independance from England the better... Anyway enough of politics. Cheers from the land of the Tartan and the Heather to the land of the nisse, barnehage, reindeer and warm and cosy houses.. Love Kate x.

Felisol said...

Hi, EG,
I am a fan of the red and blue nisse
myself. They were "born" in 1999, but are still rerunning before Christmas.

Well Miranda, this dum squarehead is not able to figure out the word munchkin. Neither is Collins Dictionary.
I've got a vague idea though, and that's better than Collins.

Hello Ralph,
The nisses are supposed to be good as long as they are treated well.
I try mot to mix the real story with the manger and these fairytale figures.
Therefor I always first lite the stars and the Advent sticks, then set up the crib, and finally the nisses will have their own place.

I wanted my daughter should separate clearly with what is the true story, and what is fiction.

Never even tried to make her believe that the nisse (or Santa) exists.

Would be to afraid that she should get to believe the gospel is fiction too.
Glad you like my nisse grandmom, I think she's my best nisse too.

Hi Carletta,
The video was one about nisses I found on the YouTube. Children love that song.

Hi Roger,
Happy Ruby Tiesday to you too.

Hi MM,
glad you like our small library.
It is a quiet place. Books only, except for now.

Dear Amrita,
One has to keep the nisses under sharp control, they have to stay in restricted areas. Some have sneaked into kitchen though. They are such feinschmeckers.

With my nisse collection it's like this.
A few are bought (gifts I have become), some my Mom has knitted, the rest are made by Serina, her friends, my friends and me.
Every one has its special story.
I therefor have a weak spot for each.

Dear Robin,
Most nisses are home crafted, but a few are given as gifts.
I actually have a miniature nisse from my GrandMom.

Hi Mamapippa,
I too find great pleasure in a quiet reading place.

Hi Dianne,
The nisse has its own life when its about being made.
Some just are so friendly. like this grandmom.

Dear Debbie,
I do hope your dad manages to turn off the music. It iis also slowing down the page loading process. I think I shall have to remove it. I have abot 40 songs on my list, you know. Not very wise.
I had a great Ruby Tuesday, but am a little behind today.
I shall have to go to bed now, 2 in the morning and look up your blog tomorrow.

Dear Raven,
I am so delighted that the music and the Advent traditions are something you can relate to as well. It really make me touched.

I havve mentioned that the music stuff must go. Not the YouTube but the other "Thing".
It's haltering the blog.

Hi Kate,
so nice meeting you.
Jeg tror du kan snakke godt norsk.
We Norwegians are so few, we have to learn foreign languages to survive in the wild world.

Stavanger is only a two hour ride from Haugesund where I live.
Maybe you visited the Sildajazz?

I was over at your blog, and I will come back.
Never been in Glasgow, only in Edinburgh and out at kinghorn in Forth of Fife.
The we three girlfriens met with a lovely family from Cambuslang near Glasgow.
A one in a million big family. We spent most of our vacation with the three generations from that family.
And sang "O, flower of Scotland" every night before the pub or whatever place we landed closed.
Back in 1977 or 78. My memory has never been good with numbers.

Anyway so nice meeting you.
Tomorrow is another day, as Scarlett used to say.

From Felisol

Askew To You said...

Wonderful photos for Ruby Tuesday. Thank you for sharing them.

Patti said...

I love the Nisses, Felisol. They are so cute.

Wonderful traditions you've shared here.

Happy Belated Ruby Tuesday.