Thursday, March 22, 2007


We have passed the vernal equinox. That's a milestone on my mental calendar as well. Now the dawn is tip toeing at half past six, and dusk bluely changing the world at half nineish.
Our pre-Easter morning paper reading at the post breakfast table is bathed in sun.

Today I drew the word "delight" at the end of our qi-gong lesson.
Iiijk. I could not avoid thinking of an Agatha Christie novel built over a poem:
"Some are born to sweet delight,
some are born to endless night."

For one week now I have been concentrating on "Healing". Believe it or not, but it has worked. I've also been very much focusing on its positive content, and brightened up my inner self.

Today I plunged right down. Fell again and hurt my knee.
Got bad, bad news about a dear friend having severely spread cancer.
An aunt of my husband died this morning. My brother in law was hospitalized two days ago. My father is much in pain and we're having trouble finding the right treatment. Gunnar is only getting worse with his allergies.
I simply thought this "delight" must be a hostile, angry joke.

That proved to be so very wrong..
Our friend got a major work insurance payback, and could buy expensive medicine from abroad. We were celebrating with two other couples Saturday evening, and were having a great time together.
I had a healing appointment Thursday and came up with no pain at all in my damaged knee.
My father is miraculously recovering and my mother has been in a much better mood as well. Spring and garden work has done wonders to her depression and exhaustion.
I have been out on two spring walks, one on the beach and one up a mountain peak. The sun is shining, today the temperature was 12 Celsius +degrees.
Daughter Serina has gotten her red "russ"outfit, which means she will be celebrating for to months that she has completed thirteen years of primary school at the highest level. That is an achievement she can be proud of, and so are we, her parents.
Spring has definitely arrived these last days. The birds have returned from their winter vacation in Egypt, the daffodils, snow bells and crocus are blossoming even by the salty seaside.
I have spread cow manure in our garden and Gunnar has done some major tidying up. Today we had the first coffee on the terrace enjoyment. That is early here in the best west.

This afternoon we went to our secret place and harvested the first allium ursinum, wild garlic, wonderful, tasty herb, which has been growing here since the vikings dominated the area.
My brother in law is home from the hospital, nothing serious, just wrong medication, (which could have cost him his life, though.)
My niece made a successful piano concert for her exams at the music conservatory.
Tomorrow we'll have Gunnar's very best quality aunt for dinner. I'm so looking forward to meeting her.
Life is delightful for true in this best of all possible worlds.

Our windows have been cleaned to honour the revealing sun.
Four versions of Cohen's Hallelujah are playing non stop, while I'm trying to compose a heartfelt dinner and coffee meal for auntie Lilly.

I've decided to rank The "Baffled" king David an equal number one to St. Peter.

Only tiny, little wish: Two tickets for the Bob Dylan concert at Wembly in April.(Hint, hint).

Soon we'll be headed for the Sauda mountains .
I'm looking forward to that indeed.
I am delighted.