Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bob Dylan in Bergen

Bob Dylan, 70, rocked 14 000 Bergeners, one sweet girl from Finland and yours truly from here to eterity.

I've never heard him better, rocking and rolling, twisting and turning the best from his 50 year long production.
He connected with the band, like they were one soul.

And he smiled, smiled all the time. He connected with the audience like I never have experienced it before.

My only problem was my old, outdated Nokia.
Photographing was prohibited, but I sweet talked one of the guard crew, saying this old cell phone is good for nothing.

So sad it turned out to be true.
Gunnar, Serina and I have attended Dylan concerts since Serina was 2 years old. We hope to continue this tradition for at least ten, if not twenty more years. wouldn't that be wonderful; Dylan 90 and us 80?

The rest was perfect in spite of 51, 8 Fahrenheit degrees and splashing rain.

Maybe the old heart got soft when he entered the stage after 2 hours (waiting & Susan Vega). anyway he opened with Rainy day Women # 12 & 35, and from there it only got better.
I, I had gold circle place, nothing but a low fence and the stage between me and the Master.

I am praying that Dylan must find his way home again.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Midsummer with Serina

This evening we went out to revisit places from Serina's childhood.
The pictures are fresh from the oven. Shot just two hours ago.

I cannot name the midsummer bouquet in English. The red one is called St. Hans flower, equinox flower, in Norwegian. There's also Valerian root, which smells so wonderfully, and is said to turn around midsummer night.

At Aksnes beach; Serina is picking sea shells where we let her meet the sea for the first time 22 years ago.

Midsummer meadow; or angel meadow, as the Swede poet Taube called it.
The time is about 23 b.m. and the sun is setting.

Lifeline by the beach.

Red clovers growing by the beach.

St. Hans flower also close to the salty waters.

Sea weed


Dusk after sundown.

North west dusk

It's dark and just a few meters from home.
A deer calf is out seeking for water; bad, but rare shot.

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Everyday daughter

Some rare day a person does get me out of the blue, catches my feelings and gives them a name.
Like this busy home nurse I called out today to help with my mother's medication.
She was not much younger than me. She came in a hurry on a busy Sunday, (they're always half staffed on Holidays), smiling even though I had been grumpy on the phone.
She even took time to say some encouraging words after I had tried to excuse myself.
"I know how it is," she soothed," I have a mother on 87 myself. I have four sisters living out of town. When they come visiting it's coffee, flags and celebration. I am the everyday daughter. I'm always supposed to be here, and it's fine with me."
I nodded. It's fine with me too.