Thursday, July 21, 2011


For a Daughter who leaves
A woman weaves
her daughter's wedding
slippers that will carry
her steps into a new life.
The mother weeps alone
into her jeweled sewing box
slips red thread
around its spool,
the same she used to stitch
her daughter's first silk jacket
embroidered with turtles
that would bring luck, long life.
She remembers all the steps
taken by her daughter's
unbound quick feet:
dancing on the stones
of the yard among yellow
butterflies and white breasted sparrows.
And she grew, legs strong
body long, mind
Now she captures all eyes
with her hair combed smooth
and her hips gently
swaying like bamboo.
The woman
spins her thread
from the spool of her heart,
knotted to her daughter's
wedding slippers

Janice Mirikitani

Monday, July 18, 2011


Our Queen Amidala isn't happy at all. She has given birth to five beautiful kittens this spring. After 8 weeks of struggling to become a good mother, her kittens were given to three good homes.
As a "reward", Amidala was castrated, and totally confused when the tomcats began pieing and mewing again. She fought them all back from her territory with great skill and courage.
She and Serina bonded easily when the latter came home for a short vacation . Then it was crying time again, Serina packed all night while the rain was pouring down.
At 6 in the morning we were exhausted and decided to get some sleep, while Amidala went out to do whatever cats do at that time of day. It was still damp and wet all over the terrace and garden. Can't you hear her complaining ; "I am not amused."

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