Monday, June 15, 2009


Originated by MaryT, check hers for today.

Flee market in the club of Classic Cars.
For four generations on both sides of the family two and four wheelers have engaged and intrigued all family members.

This very Chrysler 300 1961 once was the "Directors Car" at Union Carbide's Sauda factory. There were three chauffeurs with nothing else to do than drive company cars.
Some cars it was, green colored windows, the roar of the motor echoed in the narrow valley, when the chauffeur came home for dinner.
And the fins,ai, ai what a mighty shark.

Serina used to have a Corvette similar to this for her Barbie car. Gunnar is the master of curves, angles, light and and..
My baby has a weak spot for the Ducati. Luckily her father says NO.
I'm willingly posing with the Plymouth.
It's younger and in better shape than me, though we both can be marketed as vintage.