Friday, April 13, 2007


My word of meditation for the two Easter weeks was "openness". Yet I have not had time or power to write a single word in my blog.
We were gathered at my parents home in the snow sport village Sauda and about the only ones who did not go skiing and obtaining the attractive Easter-tan.
Good Friday Gunnar's aunt had to undergo a major aorta surgery. (Which by the way seems to turn out well.)

It's both tough and rewarding to be together with my parents. Sad to see my father grow weaker every day. Wonderful to see him smile, get his blessings and be allowed to tell once more how much he has meant and done for me throughout the years.
My mother is of course also getting more and more worn, but she's got her foremothers' stayer-genes. She works eagerly in the garden, and is seriously considering investing in an oven for burning porcelain.

It's great to be at my parents', to know we mean a difference. That we are able to add some light in their too hard life.
Even so, we have kind of had to put our lives on a hold for almost four years now.
With Gunnar's aunt to care for as well, and our own "daily over- struggle", I certainly appreciate being at ease in our own home.
I've come to love the days with no plans, must do or ought to do.

Reading, listening to music, doing a bit of gardening and the odd cooking for Gunnar and Serina. A walk on the beach, picking the newly sprung white anemones in the woods in the neighborhood. While the birds are pouring their hearts out in the evenings, trying to find a mate.
The birches outside our kitchen window have got "mice-ears". Next week they'll fold out and form a green wall against the street outside.

I am indeed enjoying and embracing life's many small wonders.
In addition I am gratefully aware that there's only one thing worse than having too many duties to fulfill.
That is, not being able to, or allowed to participate.