Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ruby Tuesday Telenor Report

Telenor used to be the only telephone company in Norway, state owned, personal service and local employees. Then came the eighties, private companies were allowed to take over the profitable state owned companies, such as radio & TV, post, railways and telephones. They all went down the drain, with minimal maintenance costs and maximal expenses for the costumers.

Yesterday both our house telephone and our Internet connection were stone dead. we did of course contact our company, (which we have stayed loyal to since 1981) and report the tragedy. Since I need to stay in contact with my Mom, the nursing home, doctors, and our two Internet firms, this was a turbulent situation. Today nothing happened. After 8 telephone calls from my cellphone I was promised help first tomorrow and then within April 20th. No wonder I went bonkers and went out to make some investigations myself..
I found a building site 4 minutes walk from here. The transformer boxes flung wide open and the dark, thin telephone cord lying unprotected for dogs to pie on and rats to feed on.

If you want to know more about Telenor and the dark side of Norway, you might want to google Corruption scandal in India, e.t.c. Survival of the....

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Our Father 6

Lead us not into temptation,
I don't think the Lord leads us on paths of evil.
The tempter is another name for the devil, he certainly searches in every way to lead us astray.
The Lord has promised to guard us, so that not one of his lambs shall be missing.
Lead me away from temptation, is my prayer.
I am so often tempted to make wrong choices, say wrong things for the wrong reasons; it's a wonder I'm still, by grace, allowed to be among the children of God.
In the old prayer book of the Church of Norway, the phrase went, "You raise us for your Kingdom through Cross and Tribulation."
"It takes a strong back to carry only good days", my grandmother used to say.
I guess that if God hadn't made it crystal clear, I cannot achieve anything without him, I'd be even more obnoxious and smug than I am today.
I certainly need to carry on praying,
"Lead me away from temptations."