Sunday, February 03, 2008


These have been days of trials and errors,
illness and defeat.
My Mom, now living with us is slowly healing,
but there are so many obstacles to overcome.
Bureaucracy and "you've no right to people"
lined up wherever we try to find
a loop whole.
We've even met doctors who say that elderly
who are in need of nursing should not
be kept alive.
Walking in grief such words hits like
a boxing fist.
Then it turns out that my all time
favorite uncle,
(guess he's everybody's favorite actually)
has been diagnosed with Altzheimer's.
That is just not fair.
This night I felt chewed and worn out like
a gray gum.
Than came Jim's post about the
healing grace.
It felt refreshing like a bottle of
oxygen after
long mountain walk.
Renewed I searched for Dylan's
Saving Grace
on my iPod.
Thought I'd like to share.

If You find it in Your heart, can I be forgiven?
Guess I owe You some kind of apology.
I've escaped death so many times,
I know I'm only living
By the saving grace that's over me.

By this time I'd-a thought I would be sleeping
In a pine box for all eternity.
My faith keeps me alive, but I still be weeping
For the saving grace that's over me.

Well, the death of life, then come the resurrection,
Wherever I am welcome is where I'll be.
I put all my confidence in Him, my sole protection
Is the saving grace that's over me.

Well, the devil's shining light, it can be most blinding,
But to search for love, that ain't no more than vanity.
As I look around this world all that I'm finding
Is the saving grace that's over me.

The wicked know no peace and you just can't fake it,
There's only one road and it leads to Calvary.
It gets discouraging at times, but I know I'll make it
By the saving grace that's over me.

Copyright © 1980 Special Rider Music