Saturday, September 22, 2007


Serina's picture from 2006 Fall is coming on heavily.
We have returned safely from our London trip.
The yellow leaves are falling off the birch tree outside our kitchen window.
Planting purple heather and onions for the spring to come is my garden work in between showers.
Gunnar dismantled our new garden pavilion before the autumn storm did.
The kittens visiting our garage have disappeared.
(Sob, sob)
The golden oldie girls have taken up Monday hikes.
Healing time on Thursdays.
The Qi-gong lessons are also on.
Next month the very free hobby club will slowly find its rhythm. (Willow garlands, driftwood painting, weird wool work, stone and seashell decorations, bead work.)
The flea market season is over us. Church rings, schoool classes, Red Cross, you name it, they're at it. Gunnar and I have been to a few sales. We need a bigger house for all our good bargains! We at least help recirculating so that Al Gore can continue his campaign from his private jet!
I've got the blues.
Missing my dad, missing Serina, missing my Mom, missing mountains, the smell of moss and heather, the soothing sound of waterfalls.
I still got Gunnar's safe back to crawl tight to in sleepless nights.